2Pac - Young Black Male lyrics (Chinese translation). | ("Hard like an erection..." -- Ed O.G.) Young black male!
, ("Hard like an erection...")
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2Pac - Young Black Male (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: ("Hard like an erection..." -- Ed O.G.) Young black male!
ZH: ("硬像勃起......"— — 艾德奥吉)年轻的黑男 !

EN: ("Hard like an erection...")
ZH: ("硬像勃起......")

EN: ("...ain't shit to fool with" -- Ice Cube)
ZH: ("...不是好玩的要玩"— — 冰多维数据集)

EN: ("Hard like an erection...") Young black male!
ZH: ("硬像勃起......")年轻的黑男 !

EN: ("...ain't shit to fool with")
ZH: ("...不是好玩的来耍的")

EN: [runs backwards] Young black male!
ZH: [向后运行]年轻的黑男 !

EN: [2Pac] Yes niggaz... yes niggaz... yes niggaz
ZH: [2Pac] 是黑鬼们......是黑鬼是黑鬼

EN: Young black male!
ZH: 年轻的黑男 !

EN: ("Hard like an erection...") Young black male!
ZH: ("硬像勃起......")年轻的黑男 !

EN: ("Hard like an erection...") ("...ain't shit to fool with")
ZH: ("硬像勃起......")("...不是好玩的来耍的")

EN: ("Hard like an erection...") Young black male!
ZH: ("硬像勃起......")年轻的黑男 !

EN: ("Hard like an erection...") ("...ain't shit to fool with")
ZH: ("硬像勃起......")("...不是好玩的来耍的")

EN: [2Pac] Go nigga, go!!
ZH: [2Pac] 黑鬼的话,去 !!

EN: [Verse One:]
ZH: [诗歌之一:]

EN: Young black male
ZH: 年轻的黑男

EN: I try to effect by kicking the facts
ZH: 我试着影响由踢事实

EN: and stacking much mail
ZH: 和堆叠多邮件

EN: I'm packing a gat cuz guys wanna jack
ZH: 我正要打包的人想要一 gat 因为杰克

EN: and fuck goin to jail
ZH: 和他妈走进监狱

EN: Cuz I ain't equipped to stop how I look
ZH: 因为我不是装备停止怎么看

EN: I don't sell ya-yo
ZH: 我不卖雅-yo

EN: They teachin a brother like I was in books
ZH: 他们教学的兄弟好像在书中

EN: Follow me into a flow
ZH: 跟着我到流

EN: I'm sure you know, which way to go
ZH: 确信你知道其中的路要走

EN: I'm hittin em out of the dopes
ZH: 我是星座出涂料的 em

EN: So slip on the slope, let's skip on the flow
ZH: 所以在斜坡上滑,让我们跳过对流动

EN: I'm fuckin the sluts and hoes
ZH: 我是他妈的荡妇和锄头

EN: The bigger the butts the tighter the clothes
ZH: 枪托越大越紧密的衣服

EN: The gimminy jimminy grows
ZH: Gimminy jimminy 成长

EN: Then whaddya know, it's off with some clothes
ZH: 然后问你为什么要知道,它是与一些衣服

EN: Rowd when the crowd says hoe
ZH: Rowd 当人群说锄头

EN: That let's me know, they know I can flow
ZH: 这让我知道,他们知道我可以流

EN: Love when they come to my shows
ZH: 当他们来向我展示的爱

EN: I get up and go, with skins before
ZH: 我起床,然后去,与之前的皮肤

EN: When I'm collecting my dough
ZH: 当我收集我的面团

EN: I never respect, the one that I back
ZH: 我从来没有尊重,我回来的那个

EN: The quicker the nigga can rap
ZH: 黑鬼可以说唱得越快

EN: The bigger the check, now watch how they sweat
ZH: 更大检查,现在看着他们的汗水

EN: What kind of style is that?
ZH: 那是什么样式的呢?

EN: The style of a mack, and ready to jack
ZH: 麦克和准备杰克的样式

EN: I rendered up piles of black
ZH: 我呈现了成堆的黑色

EN: The wacker the pack, the fatter the smack
ZH: 瓦克包,胖的滋味

EN: I hate it when real nigga bust
ZH: 我讨厌心里

EN: They hate when I cuss, they threaten to bust
ZH: 他们讨厌我说了脏话,他们威胁要逮捕

EN: I had enough of the fuss
ZH: 我受够大惊小怪了

EN: I bust what I bust, and cuss when I must
ZH: 我把我的萧条,和粗口我必须

EN: They gave me a charge for sales
ZH: 他们给我充电的销售

EN: For selling the tales... of young black males
ZH: 卖故事的年轻黑人男子...

EN: Yes nigga, N-I-G-G-A niggaz
ZH: 是黑鬼,黑鬼 N-我-G-G-A

EN: Ay nigga you can't handle that shit!
ZH: Ay 黑鬼你不能处理那东西 !

EN: Pass that man!
ZH: 通过那个男人 !

EN: Hit that shit, that's the shit!
ZH: 干那事,那是一坨屎 !

EN: It smell like skunk, skunk smell like that nigga momma
ZH: 它闻起来像臭鼬,臭鼬的气味像那黑鬼妈妈

EN: We ain't nuttin but some low down dirty niggaz
ZH: 我们不是 nuttin,但一些低下来脏黑鬼

EN: Keep it real nigga, fuck you nigga!
ZH: 保持它真正黑鬼,去你妈的黑鬼 !

EN: You ain't givin me near a dime on this real motherfucker
ZH: 你不是在这个真正的混蛋一角附近退化着我

EN: Fuck St. Ide's it's an Old E thing baby
ZH: 他妈的圣 Ide 的是老 E 件宝贝

EN: Strictly some of that Hennesee
ZH: 严格一些,Hennesee

EN: Can I drink with you fellas? Can I get it on it?
ZH: 我可以喝你们搞什么名堂?我能在上面吗?

EN: Fuck you capo. You ain't in baby.
ZH: 你他妈的投诉警察课。你不是在孩子身上。

EN: I tell you what! You guys are not gonna be talking
ZH: 我告诉你什么 !你们不会说

EN: all that shit, when I come back, OK?
ZH: 当我回来的时候那些鬼话 OK 吗?

EN: We gonna say who the big mouth, when I come back
ZH: 我们要说是谁的大嘴,等我回来时

ZH: 年轻的黑男 !