2Pac - Who Do You Trust lyrics (Chinese translation). | "Don't You Trust Me?"
, I ain't got time for this man I'm out
, [Chorus]
, You should stop for...
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2Pac - Who Do You Trust (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: "Don't You Trust Me?"
ZH: "你不相信我?"

EN: I ain't got time for this man I'm out
ZH: 我没时间为我出这个男人

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: You should stop for awhile you will find me standing by (Don't you trust me?)
ZH: 你应该停止一段时间你会发现我站在 (你不信任我?)

EN: Over here at the side of your life (Not that I don't trust you)
ZH: 在这里边的你的生活 (不不是相信你)

EN: You spend all your hours just rushing around
ZH: 你花只冲周围的所有你小时

EN: Do you have a little time to have a little time for me?
ZH: 你有一点时间,我还有点时间呢?

EN: As soon as I leave the house you wanna page me
ZH: 当我离开家要呼我

EN: See you got me trapped I'm going crazy this is slavery
ZH: 见我困得我要疯了这是奴役

EN: You act like it's outrageous give me space it won't get better
ZH: 你就像它的无耻给我空间就不会更好

EN: And maybe we will argue and be through with all these sorry letters
ZH: 也许我们会辩称,通过与所有这些抱歉信和

EN: Soon as I come home it's like I get the third degree
ZH: 尽快我来回家就像我拿到第三学位

EN: Where ya been and who you with I get no room to breathe
ZH: 凡雅一直和你与我跟谁没有自由呼吸的空间

EN: It makes me wanna leave
ZH: 它让我想要离开

EN: I'm sick of these tricks up your sleeve
ZH: 我受够了这些技巧袖子

EN: Your suspicious I deceive give me grief without belief but to me
ZH: 我欺骗你可疑给我的悲伤没有信仰,不过对我来说

EN: If you really trust me then it's pitiful
ZH: 如果你真的相信我然后很可怜

EN: Question me about my whereabouts that's so trivial
ZH: 问我我是这么微不足道的行踪

EN: Let me live my life and you can live yours
ZH: 让我过我的生活,你可以活的你

EN: Just be there to help me and support that's what your here for
ZH: 只是在那里帮我和支持就是你在这里

EN: Not to give me stress and add to pressure
ZH: 不要给我压力,并将添加到压力

EN: Home is where I go the rest I go to pass the test
ZH: 家是我去,其余的地方我去通过测试

EN: I'm sorry if I left you all alone
ZH: 我很抱歉如果离开了你一个人

EN: But I couldn't make it home so we argue on the phone
ZH: 但我不能让它回家所以我们争辩的电话

EN: Don't you trust me?
ZH: 你不相信我吗?

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Callin' up my house to hang it up You think that makes sense
ZH: 叫了我的房子要挂断你认为有意义的

EN: Tell me what it takes for us to shake so we can be friends
ZH: 告诉我是什么让我们摇所以我们能成为朋友

EN: It's time for us to take our separate paths
ZH: 它是我们采取我们单独的路径的时候

EN: We had a lot of laughs but the good things come to pass
ZH: 我们有笑得很多,但好的东西来传递

EN: Let's think of the evil break don't make it scandalous
ZH: 让我们想想邪恶断裂的别让丑闻

EN: Try to be mature I'm pretty sure that we can handle this
ZH: 尝试将成熟我很肯定我们可以处理这

EN: You're saying I'm too busy I ignore you
ZH: 你说太忙忽略你的存在

EN: I guess you didn't hear me when I said that I cared for you
ZH: 我猜你没听到我说我在乎你

EN: But now it seems the arguments are nightly
ZH: 但现在看来的参数是每晚

EN: I wanna hold you tightly but instead you wanna fight me
ZH: 我想要紧紧抓住你但相反你想要和我一战

EN: So why let it stress and aggravate me
ZH: 所以为什么让它强调和加重了我

EN: Instead I'd rather break hope you don't hate me
ZH: 而我宁愿将打破希望你不要恨我

EN: You tell me that you love me but your lyin'
ZH: 你告诉我你爱我但你撒谎

EN: Fighting back the urge to start cryin'
ZH: 反击开始哭泣的冲动

EN: I wipe away your tears come and hug me
ZH: 我擦干你的泪水来,抱抱我

EN: I love you like you love me
ZH: 爱你爱我

EN: Girl... don't you trust me?
ZH: 女孩...你不信任我吗?

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: I hangup the phone (click)
ZH: 我挂断电话 (单击)

EN: I can't bare to hear you yellin' at me
ZH: 我不能裸听你吼

EN: Maybe we should end it neither one of us are happy
ZH: 也许我们应该结束它我们两个都快乐

EN: You know that I'm emotional you milk me
ZH: 你知道我是情感你奶我

EN: Comin' over crying just to get me feelin' guilty
ZH: 过来只是为了让我感觉到了有罪哭了

EN: You and me were met to be it yet
ZH: 你和我遇见要它尚未

EN: You always wanna sweat and how much closer can we get (don't fret)
ZH: 你总想我们的汗水和如何更接近可以 (不要烦恼)

EN: Just let me pack my things and I'll be outie
ZH: 只是让我收拾我的东西,我就长在外面

EN: This time I'm breaking out you let your mouth overcrowd me
ZH: 这一次我要逃出去你让你的嘴压挤我

EN: I can't take the beefin' and the griefin'
ZH: 我不能带 beefin' 和 griefin'

EN: I get no room to sleep I hope it ceases cause I'm leavin'
ZH: 我得到没有的睡房我希望它会停止我要离开的原因

EN: Maybe next time you'll be a little more sure
ZH: 也许下一次你一定会更多一点

EN: When I can give you more when you unsure
ZH: 当可以给你更多的时候你不能确定

EN: But baby until then I gotta leave ya
ZH: 但直到孩子然后我要离开你

EN: It's not that I don't need ya but see ya
ZH: 它不是我不需要你,但见到你

EN: And I hope that you understand why I bust it
ZH: 我希望你明白我为什么抓它

EN: Not because we rushed it (hell no)
ZH: 不是因为我们冲它 (地狱没有)

EN: But girl don't you trust me?
ZH: 但女孩你不信任我吗?

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Not that I don't trust you
ZH: 不是不不是相信你

EN: Don't you trust me?
ZH: 你不相信我吗?

EN: Not that I don't trust you
ZH: 不是不不是相信你

EN: Don't you trust me?
ZH: 你不相信我吗?

EN: Not that I don't trust you
ZH: 不是不不是相信你