2Pac - When I Get Free (feat. J. Valentine) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Pac] Damn.. what I'ma do now? When I get free.. oh shit!
, [Jay] Get free.. yeah yeah
, [Chorus:...
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2Pac - When I Get Free (feat. J. Valentine) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Pac] Damn.. what I'ma do now? When I get free.. oh shit!
ZH: [委员会]该死...我现在怎么?时候免费...噢,见鬼 !

EN: [Jay] Get free.. yeah yeah
ZH: [周杰伦]获得免费...耶耶

EN: [Chorus: repeat 2X]
ZH: [合唱: 重复 2 X]

EN: When I get free, motherfuckers better watch they ass
ZH: 当我自由的时候时,这些混蛋更好地观看他们的屁股

EN: Soon as I get released, I'ma clock some cash
ZH: 很快,我得到释放,我要时钟一些现金

EN: Did some time locked down, but I'm back on the street
ZH: 未锁定,一段时间,但我在大街上回来

EN: There'll be trouble when they see me
ZH: 当他们看到我的时候,会有麻烦

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Them bitches is foul, take a look at the evening news
ZH: 他们母犬很臭,看一看新闻晚报

EN: You'll see a nigga gettin cuffed by the boys in blue
ZH: 您将看到忍心脚铐蓝色男孩的爱

EN: Is it a, frame up, tryin to keep me out the game, stuck
ZH: 它就是一个,架起来,尽力让我这个游戏,卡住

EN: These motherfuckers tryin to dirty up my name, but
ZH: 这些躲弄脏了我的名字,但

EN: I'm slippin quick as the wind, it's me or them
ZH: 我是 slippin 风快,而是我或他们

EN: Fuck friends my foes be on a mission tryin to do me in
ZH: 他妈的我的敌人是尽力在做我的朋友

EN: Fuck 'em I'm bout to get out, they all soft
ZH: 我靠扑克我拿出他们所有软

EN: I blow up like gauge, and in a rage blow they balls off
ZH: 像计、 的爆破和一个愤怒打击他们球关闭

EN: Why are you niggaz tryin to test me trick?
ZH: 为什么你们这些黑鬼都尽力测试我把戏?

EN: And be the first ones to snitch to arrest me bitch
ZH: 和第一次是要逮捕我婊子告密

EN: Main thang was to make a nigga meal ticket
ZH: 主升是为了爱的饭票

EN: Only if you with the real, the nigga will kick it
ZH: 仅当您与现实,为你会把它踢

EN: I'll enforce it with the steel use the lessons that I learned in jail
ZH: 我就将我在监狱里学到的教训与钢使用强制它

EN: Rule one: fuck a busta he can burn in Hell
ZH: 第一条规则: 操他可以刻录在地狱伍佰

EN: Network with connects that I got in the pen
ZH: 与网络连接我的笔

EN: In no time I'll be clockin again
ZH: 在没有时间我就会被生物钟再次

EN: [Chorus] + J. Valentine's harmonizing
ZH: [合唱] J.情人节的协调

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Still sittin in my cell as I dwell on my past
ZH: 仍在我的细胞惦得我我的过去

EN: Tryin to figure how a nigga turned dreams into cash
ZH: 想著如何转化为现金的梦想

EN: Quick call her collect, ain't no respect on the other side
ZH: 快速呼叫她收集,并不不是尊重的另一边

EN: My cellmate's suicidal cause his mother died
ZH: 我的狱友自杀原因他母亲死了

EN: And my C.O. is a lady, and I'm thinkin maybe
ZH: 我的指挥官是一位女士,和我也许想是妄想

EN: me and her can hook up a scheme, to be Swayze
ZH: 我和她可以挂钩一项计划,是斯韦兹

EN: Cause she keep on callin me baby
ZH: 魂魄我亲爱的原因

EN: To a young motherfucker facin eighty that's enough to make you crazy
ZH: 年轻的你娘到八十岁,这足以让你发疯 facin

EN: Now how long will it take, to get her hooked
ZH: 现在多长时间将它带、 让她着迷

EN: Got her watchin me liftin weights, sneakin looks
ZH: 有我一看远方

EN: I devised a plan, I'm in the trunk while she drives the van
ZH: 我设计了一个计划,我在树干虽然她开车,车

EN: Ain't no disguise I'ma die as a man
ZH: 不是我作为一个男人死没有伪装

EN: If we make it then I'm takin it to Hell
ZH: 如果我们使它然后我我羚牛它要下地狱

EN: All them niggaz that was frontin while I sat up in the cell
ZH: 他们是谅解而坐在单元格中的黑鬼

EN: Locked in jail, I couldn't touch her so I planned your misery
ZH: 锁定在监狱里,我不能碰她所以我计划你的痛苦

EN: The nigga you don't wanna see
ZH: 你不想看到的爱

EN: [Chorus] + J. Valentine's harmonizing
ZH: [合唱] J.情人节的协调

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Stuck in my cell
ZH: 停留在我的细胞

EN: The pen ain't nuttin like the county jail
ZH: 这支钢笔不是东西像县监狱

EN: When will they let me bail?
ZH: 他们会让我当保释?

EN: Walkin through the yard, I play the God
ZH: 我舍不得进了院子,扮演上帝

EN: First nigga disrespect me first nigga gettin scarred
ZH: 第一次爱尊重我忍心结疤的第一次爱

EN: I'm, back on the scene
ZH: 我在舞台上回来

EN: I'm hittin knees in the back of a limousine, puffin on weed
ZH: 我是你膝盖上杂草蠢蠢欲动的背后

EN: as we game on the drunk hoes
ZH: 正如我们对喝醉了的锄头游戏

EN: Hit the skunk I reminisce just on the way
ZH: 我总是在回忆的路上臭鼬命中

EN: we used to play, you punk hoes
ZH: 我们用来玩,朋克锄头

EN: What I posess is to be rich, in currency
ZH: Posess 我很富有,货币是什么

EN: Paranoid niggaz like bitches when they come and see me
ZH: 像母犬时他们过来看一看我的偏执狂黑鬼

EN: Laid out, played out, the nigga barely breathin
ZH: 布局、 发挥出来,勉强憋的爱

EN: As for that bullshit punk, nigga n-now we even
ZH: 至于那胡说朋克,爱 n-现在我们甚至

EN: But I wait, until it's time
ZH: 但我等待,直到它的时间

EN: and try to find a crooked way to profit off this crime
ZH: 试着发现了歪掉这种犯罪中获利

EN: This life of mine.. until I get free
ZH: 这种生活我的...直到我得到自由

EN: My prophecy is niggaz screamin, as if they bleed in agony
ZH: 我的预言是看穿,好像他们在痛苦中流血

EN: As soon as they popped my gate
ZH: 只要他们突然向我门

EN: I knew these motherfuckers made a mistake
ZH: 我知道这些这些混蛋,犯了一个错误

EN: [Chorus] + J. Valentine's harmonizing
ZH: [合唱] J.情人节的协调

EN: [Chorus] - 1/2
ZH: [合唱]-1/2

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: When I get free
ZH: 当我得到自由

EN: Hahaha.. yeah nigga, when I get motherfuckin free
ZH: 哈哈哈...耶著,他妈的免费当

EN: Pop the gate, I'm back baby!
ZH: 流行大门口,我是回宝贝 !

EN: When I get free.. we up out this bitch
ZH: 时候免费...我们把这个婊子出来