2Pac - What Of A Love Unspoken lyrics (Chinese translation). | I know my heart has lied before
, but now it speaks, with honesty
, of an invisible bond of...
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2Pac - What Of A Love Unspoken (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I know my heart has lied before
ZH: 我知道我的心已经撒过谎

EN: but now it speaks, with honesty
ZH: 但现在它讲话,以诚信为本

EN: of an invisible bond of friendship, that was formed, in secrecy
ZH: 不可见的友谊纽带,那被形成了,在保密

EN: Coming from me this may seem hard but, but to God I swear - it's truth
ZH: 从我来这似乎很难,但向上帝发誓-它的真相

EN: We are friends for eternity and for-ever I will always love.. you..
ZH: 我们永远是朋友和为过我会永远爱...你...

EN: [sung]
ZH: [宋]

EN: What of a love unspoken?
ZH: 什么不为人知的爱?

EN: Is it with or without a name?
ZH: 它是具有或没有名字吗?

EN: Does love exist without a title
ZH: 爱存在没有标题吗

EN: because I dare not share it's name
ZH: 因为我敢不共享它的名称

EN: [Tre']
ZH: [Tre']

EN: All my life I've dreamed of
ZH: 我的一生我的梦想

EN: of meeting one with immense beauty and
ZH: 会议一个与无限美丽的和

EN: and once I found her I would charm her and
ZH: 一旦找到了她我会魅力她和

EN: and she'd be mine forever (mine forever)
ZH: 而且她会永远雷 (雷永远)

EN: I found her and, indeed she is all that I, wished for and more but she
ZH: 找到了她,和她的确是所有我,希望和更多但她

EN: is not charmed nor intrigued (not charmed, nor intrigued)
ZH: 不是迷倒也不感兴趣 (不神往,也不感兴趣)

EN: Then I think to myself what.. can I offer her
ZH: 然后我觉得对自己什么...我可以给她吗

EN: The tears warm my eyes and blur my, vision I
ZH: 眼泪温暖我的眼睛和模糊我的视力我

EN: stick to my stance of bravado and give her
ZH: 坚持我的立场的英雄气概,给她

EN: the same uninterested look that she, gave, me
ZH: 同样不感兴趣的眼神她,给了,我

EN: (She was so beautiful) She was so beautiful
ZH: (她是如此美丽)她是如此美丽

EN: But what.. can I offer her?
ZH: 但什么...我可以给她吗?

EN: You say that you'll love me forever but
ZH: 你说你会永远爱我,但

EN: but what about today?
ZH: 但今天呢?

EN: As the dusks become the dawns and the years pass on will you
ZH: Dusks 成为黎明和岁月传递将你

EN: love me (love me) the same way (the same way)?
ZH: 爱我 (爱我) 方式相同 (相同的方法) 吗?

EN: If so let us rejoice and bathe in this constant pleasure
ZH: 如果是这样让我们欢喜,沐浴在此常数的乐趣

EN: If not spare my heart today and I shall recover before, forever
ZH: 如果不是今天饶我的心,我应恢复之前,永远

EN: And if my doubts and questions upset you
ZH: 如果我的疑问和问题让你心烦

EN: (forgive my fragile heart) forgive my fragile heart
ZH: (原谅我脆弱的心) 原谅我脆弱的心

EN: I just wanted to know if you'd love me forever before today,
ZH: 我只被想知道是否你会爱我在今天,之前永远

EN: would start (would you love me.. would you love me..)
ZH: 将启动 (你还会爱你会爱我。.) 我。

EN: [sung]
ZH: [宋]

EN: What of a love unspoken?
ZH: 什么不为人知的爱?

EN: What of a love unspoken?
ZH: 什么不为人知的爱?

EN: {*applause and shouting*}
ZH: {* 掌声和呐喊声 *}