2Pac - U Can Call lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse One: 2Pac]
, Dear baby you the picture of perfection
, Straight from your million dollar...
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2Pac - U Can Call (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse One: 2Pac]
ZH: [诗歌之一: 2Pac]

EN: Dear baby you the picture of perfection
ZH: 亲爱的宝贝你的完美的图片

EN: Straight from your million dollar smile
ZH: 直接从你百万美金的笑容

EN: to my attraction to your complexion
ZH: 对我的吸引力对你的肤色

EN: No hesitation needed; you got me
ZH: 毫不犹豫地需要 ;你让我

EN: inhalin the aroma of your perfume, and feelin heated
ZH: inhalin 你的香水的香味和感觉暖水

EN: I move closer to drop the lines of my introduction
ZH: 靠拢,我介绍的垂直线

EN: Hold out my hand, and grab yo' hand, now we touchin
ZH: 伸出我的手,和抢哟 ' 的手,现在我们风雨

EN: My lyrics are poetry
ZH: 我的歌词是诗歌

EN: So baby get a ticket to go with me
ZH: 所以孩子得到一张票要和我一起去

EN: Thugged out so you notice me
ZH: 哪都出去,你注意到我

EN: It's a positive attraction; see pictures of us
ZH: 它是一种积极的吸引力 ;请参阅我们的照片

EN: layin butt-naked on the beach kickin back relaxin
ZH: 谂棒球回满贯松弛素在沙滩上光着屁股

EN: And only you can calm, the savage beast
ZH: 只有你可以冷静残忍的野兽

EN: Look in my eyes are you surprised, that it's me?
ZH: 你感到惊讶,这是我在我的眼睛看看?

EN: I wanna make you mine
ZH: 我想要你排雷

EN: I'm kissin on you tryin to make it different every time (that's right)
ZH: 我要上你的天空,使它不同 (即右) 每次亲吻

EN: I'm so lonely in my bedroom, lookin at the walls
ZH: 我是如此的孤单在我的卧室,看着墙上

EN: Withcha number in my hand, wonderin should I even call her tonight
ZH: 手臂无意地应我甚至叫她今晚在我的手,保佑数

EN: [Chorus: Jazze Pha]
ZH: [合唱: Jazze Pha]

EN: Anytime you like, baby you can call me
ZH: 只要你喜欢,宝贝你可以叫我

EN: Need a thug up in yo' life, never find nobody like me
ZH: 需要一个恶棍哟 ' 的生活,永远找不到像我这样没人

EN: Cause I know what you want, and girl you know I got you
ZH: 因为我知道你想要什么和你知道我有你的女孩

EN: You got what I need, and shorty it's all on you
ZH: 你自己需要什么和甜蜜蜜它都是你

EN: Baby call on me
ZH: 我的宝贝电话

EN: [Verse Two: 2Pac]
ZH: [诗歌两个: 2Pac]

EN: Been gettin nuttin but bad news, ever since the day you left me
ZH: 已获得犹如坏消息,但自从你离开我的那一天

EN: I sit and wonder is there a way, you could forget me
ZH: 我坐在和奇迹有没有一种方法,你可以忘了我

EN: Remember my phone calls, my late visits
ZH: 记住我的电话,我后期的访问

EN: Us havin breakfast in bed, then we straight kick it
ZH: 我们带你去狂欢早餐在床上,然后我们直踢它

EN: Me and you in satin sheets, 'til after two
ZH: 我和你在缎子床单,直到后两个

EN: Come take a walk on the wild side, enjoy the view
ZH: 来的野生一边散步,享受视图

EN: Whenever we collide; it's bound to be a pleasurable time
ZH: 每当我们碰撞 ;它一定会很愉快的时间

EN: Makin love 'til the early light
ZH: 直到黎明的曙光创出爱

EN: Sweetheart don't fight the feelin
ZH: 甜心不战斗的感觉

EN: Come get a shot of this plain dealin and concentrate on the ceiling
ZH: 来拍下这平原盘点和集中在天花板上

EN: It's my intention to brush up
ZH: 这是我打算刷

EN: Beware of the fireworks, cause everytime we touch..
ZH: 谨防烟花,导致每次我们触摸...

EN: .. it's bound to be, so relax, clown with me
ZH: ..它已绑定,所以放松、 小丑与我

EN: As if you're down with me, get around and see
ZH: 因为如果你和我一起下来,绕过和见

EN: The brother with tattoos and no fears
ZH: 纹身和没有恐惧与哥哥

EN: Runnin my fingers through your hair if you call me
ZH: 如果你打电话给我,到头来穿过你的黑发的我的手指

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse Three: 2Pac]
ZH: [诗歌三: 2Pac]

EN: Pardon me, but let's be specific
ZH: 请原谅我,但我们都是特定

EN: Baby cause if you down with me, nigga we can kick it
ZH: 宝贝的原因,如果你和我,我们可以踢它的黑鬼

EN: And let's take trips and ride airplanes
ZH: 让我们去和乘坐飞机

EN: A hundred thousand dollar car on dem gold thangs, so can you hang?
ZH: 10 万港元对 dem 黄金自我的车,所以可以把你挂吗?

EN: Cause we can be real tight (right)
ZH: 我们可以真正紧 (右) 的原因

EN: I got a big suite at the hot', if it feel right
ZH: 我得到了一个大套房热 ',如果感觉不对

EN: My only wish is to be witcha
ZH: 我唯一的愿望就是你

EN: You got me steady strivin to getcha
ZH: 你让我稳步向俘获你 strivin

EN: Fantasizin of friendly pictures
ZH: Fantasizin 的友好图片

EN: The pressure's gettin major
ZH: 压力越来越大

EN: I wonder will you answer my call, if I page ya
ZH: 我不知道你会回答我的电话,如果页震遐

EN: Got me goin wild with anticipation
ZH: 让我走野生与期待

EN: Face to face with us locked up in strange places, what will it take
ZH: 面对我们被关在陌生的地方,它会采取

EN: Cause the heartache be heatbreak, is my prediction
ZH: 导致心痛是 heatbreak,是我的预测

EN: when you falsify and start fake, in my position
ZH: 当你伪造和开始假的在我的立场

EN: I'm a careful man, but a player when I ball
ZH: 我很小心的人,但当我球球员

EN: Got my eyes on you baby, can I call?
ZH: 我叫了我的眼睛你的宝宝,可以吗?

EN: [Chorus - repeat 2X]
ZH: [合唱-重复 2 X]