2Pac - To Live & Die In L.A. lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Dominique] Street Science, you're on the air [static]
, What do you feel when you hear a record...
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2Pac - To Live & Die In L.A. (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Dominique] Street Science, you're on the air [static]
ZH: [多米尼克]街道科学,你在空气 [静态]

EN: What do you feel when you hear a record like Tupac's new one? [static]
ZH: 当你听到像图帕克的新记录时你感觉到?[静态]

EN: [Man responds] I love Tupac's new record [static]
ZH: [男人响应]我爱图帕克的新记录 [静态]

EN: [Dominique]
ZH: [多米尼克]

EN: Right, but don't you feel like that creates [static]
ZH: 右,但不要你感觉,创建 [静态]

EN: a tension between East and West? [static]
ZH: 东部和西部之间的紧张吗?[静态]

EN: He's talking about killing people [static]
ZH: 他在说什么杀了人 [静态]

EN: I had sex with your wife and not in those words [static]
ZH: 我做爱的与你的妻子并不在这些词语 [静态]

EN: but he's talking about I wanna see you deceased [static]
ZH: 但他指的约我想要见到你死者 [静态]

EN: [Intro: Makaveli]
ZH: [介绍: *]

EN: No doubt... to live and die in LA
ZH: 毫不怀疑生活和死在 LA

EN: California -- what you say about Los Angeles
ZH: 加利福尼亚州 — — 你说什么关于洛杉矶

EN: Still the only place for me that never rains in the sun and everybody got love
ZH: 对我来说唯一在太阳和大家都从来不下雨的地方仍然有爱

EN: [Verse One: Makaveli]
ZH: [诗歌之一: *]

EN: To live and die in LA, where everyday we try to fatten our pockets
ZH: 要生活和死在 LA,凡日常我们尝试育肥我们口袋

EN: Us niggas hustle for the cash so it's hard to knock it
ZH: 我们爱你呼现金很难敲它

EN: Everybody got they own thang, currency chasing
ZH: 每个人都有他们自己的风格,货币追逐

EN: Worldwide through the hard times, worrying faces
ZH: 面临着全球范围内通过艰难的时候,令人担忧

EN: Shed tears as we bury niggas close to heart
ZH: 流着眼泪我们埋心黑鬼

EN: What was a friend now a ghost in the dark, cold hearted about it
ZH: 什么是朋友现在是在黑暗中,冷鬼心肠这件

EN: Nigga got smoked by a fiend, trying to floss on him
ZH: 黑鬼有烟熏的恶魔,想要在他上牙

EN: Blind to a broken man's dream, a hard lesson
ZH: 盲人到坏的男人的梦想,艰难的一课

EN: Court cases keep me guessing, plea bargain ain't an option now,
ZH: 法院案件让我猜测,辩诉交易不现在,一个选项

EN: So I'm stressing, cost me more to be free than a life in the pen
ZH: 所以我强调,花了我更多的工作要比生活在笔免费

EN: Making money off of cuss words, writing again
ZH: 造词,再写的脏话赚到钱

EN: Learn how to think ahead, so I fight with my pen
ZH: 了解如何想得远,所以我用我的笔战

EN: Late night down Sunset liking the scene
ZH: 深夜下喜欢现场的日落

EN: What's the worst they could do to a nigga got me lost in hell
ZH: 他们可以做为一个黑鬼最差是什么让我迷失在地狱

EN: To live and die in LA on bail, my angel sing
ZH: 生活和死在 LA 在保释期间,我的天使唱

EN: [Chorus: Val Young]
ZH: [合唱: Val 年轻]

EN: To live and die in LA, it's the place to be
ZH: 生活和死在 LA,它是地方,

EN: You've got to be there to know it, what everybody wanna see
ZH: 你得在那里知道,每个人都想要看看

EN: [repeat 2X]
ZH: [重复 2 X]

EN: [Verse Two: Makaveli]
ZH: [诗歌两个: *]

EN: It's the City of Angels and constant danger
ZH: 这是天使之城和恒定的危险

EN: South Central LA, can't get no stranger
ZH: 南中央拉,不能没有陌生人

EN: Full of drama like a soap opera, on the curb
ZH: 全剧的像肥皂剧,在马路边上

EN: Watching the ghetto bird helicopters, I observe
ZH: 看着犹太区鸟架直升机,我观察

EN: So many niggas getting three strikes, tossed in jail
ZH: 这么多黑鬼变三振出局,扔进监狱

EN: I swear the pen the right across from hell, I can't cry
ZH: 我发誓的笔从地狱的权利,我不能哭

EN: 'cause it's on now, I'm just a nigga on his own now
ZH: 因为它就在现在,我只是一个黑鬼他自己现在

EN: Living life Thug style, so I can't smile
ZH: 生活的暴徒的风格,所以我不能微笑

EN: Writing to my peoples when they ask for pictures
ZH: 写入我的人民,当他们问的图片

EN: Thinking Cali just fun and bitches, ha ha ha
ZH: 想卡利只是好玩和婊子,医管局医管局医管局

EN: Better learn about the dress code, B's and C's
ZH: 更好地了解着装,B 和 C 的

EN: All them other niggas copycats, these is G's
ZH: 他们的其他黑鬼效仿,这些是 G 的

EN: I love Cali like I love woman
ZH: 我爱卡利,就像我爱的女人

EN: 'cause every nigga in LA got a little bit of Thug in him
ZH: 因为每个黑鬼在拉他有一点点的暴徒

EN: We might fight amongst each other, but I promise you this
ZH: 我们可能会斗彼此,但我向你保证这

EN: We'll burn this bitch down, get us pissed
ZH: 我们会把这个婊子烧了,让我们很生气

EN: To live and die in LA
ZH: 生活和死在 LA

EN: (Let my angel sing)
ZH: (让我唱歌的天使)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse Three: Makaveli]
ZH: [诗歌三: *]

EN: 'cause would it be LA without Mexicans?
ZH: 因为会不会没有墨西哥人拉吗?

EN: Black love brown pride and the sets again
ZH: 黑再爱棕色骄傲和集

EN: Pete Wilson trying to see us all broke, I'm on some bullshit
ZH: 皮特 · 威尔逊想要看到我们都破产了,我在一些乱七八糟的东西

EN: Out for everything they owe, remember K-DAY
ZH: 出为他们欠的一切记得 K-那一天

EN: Weekends, Crenshaw -- MLK
ZH: 周末,萧 — — 维纳斯

EN: Automatics rang free, niggas lost they way
ZH: 自动化免费,响黑鬼们失去了他们的方式

EN: Gang signs being showed, nigga love your hood
ZH: 正在显示的帮派标志,黑鬼爱你罩

EN: But recognize and it's all good, where the weed at?
ZH: 但认识到,它是一切都好地方在杂草?

EN: Niggas getting shermed out
ZH: 出鬼得到 shermed

EN: Snoop Dogg in this motherfucker perved out, M.O.B.
ZH: Snoop Dogg 在出 M.O.B.这个混蛋 perved

EN: Big Suge in the Low-Low, bounce and turn
ZH: 大习宜在低-低,反弹并打开

EN: Dogg Pound in the Lex, with a ounce to burn
ZH: 雷克斯,与每盎司烧 Dogg 磅

EN: Got them Watts niggas with me, OFTB
ZH: 拿到了瓦黑鬼与我,OFTB

EN: They got some hash took the stash left the rest for me
ZH: 他们有一些哈希把剩下的藏我剩下的都

EN: Neckbone, Tre, Head Ron, Punchy too
ZH: 颈,Tre,头罗恩,小爆头太

EN: Big Rock got knocked, but this one's for you
ZH: 大石头被撞,但这一个给你

EN: I hit the studio and drop a jewel, hoping it pay
ZH: 我打工作室又放下一颗宝石,希望它付薪

EN: Getting high watching time fly, to live and die in LA
ZH: 越来越高看时间飞,生活和死在 LA

EN: (Let my angel sing)
ZH: (让我唱歌的天使)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Outro: Makaveli]
ZH: [尾发挥: *]

EN: This go out for 92.3, and 106
ZH: 这为 92.3 和 106 出去

EN: All the radio stations that be bumping my shit
ZH: 所有的广播电台,会碰我的东西

EN: Making my shit sells katruple quitraple platinum, he he
ZH: 使我的东西卖 katruple quitraple 白金,他他

EN: This go out to all the magazines that supported me
ZH: 这个走出去向支持我的所有杂志

EN: All the real motherfuckers
ZH: 所有真正的混蛋

EN: All the stores, the mom and pop spots
ZH: 所有的商店、 妈妈及流行点

EN: A&R people, all you all motherfuckers
ZH: A & R 人,你的所有这些混蛋

EN: LA, California Love part motherfucking Two
ZH: 洛杉矶,加州爱部分他妈的两

EN: Without gay ass Dre
ZH: 没有同性恋屁股肛门指诊