2Pac - Thug Blues lyrics (Chinese translation). | Love within a storm (4x)
, First it was nothin', not even, a fake ?
, Loneliness was a daily for...
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2Pac - Thug Blues (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Love within a storm (4x)
ZH: 爱内风暴 (4 x)

EN: First it was nothin', not even, a fake ?
ZH: 首先它是没什么好,甚至不假呢?

EN: Loneliness was a daily for me, until you came along
ZH: 寂寞是每日对我来说,在你来之前

EN: There was a gleam of a star in your eyes
ZH: 有一个明星在你眼中的一丝微光

EN: Thought I'd never feel this way again
ZH: 以为再从来没有觉得这种方式

EN: And you were supposed to reach my heart
ZH: 你本来要达到我的心

EN: And find love within, looove, looove
ZH: 找到内在的染指,染指大爱

EN: Oooh...oooh
ZH: 耳边哦

EN: Love within a storm (4x)
ZH: 爱内风暴 (4 x)

EN: This sweet, wonderful ghetto love
ZH: 这甜蜜、 美好的真爱

EN: This sweet, wonderful love that you give me
ZH: 这种甜蜜、 美好的爱是你给我

EN: Wonderful
ZH: 精彩

EN: I could not ignore the magnetism, when I felt you near
ZH: 我不能忽略磁性,当我感觉到你附近

EN: Any problems plaguin' my mind, was suddenly dissapeared
ZH: Plaguin' 我的心中,任何问题突然消失

EN: It was re-birth of my heart, the day that you became my friend
ZH: 它是心的重新出生的我,你成为了我的朋友一天

EN: 'Cause I knew for the moment I held you, that I would fall in love again
ZH: 因为我知道目前举行了你,那将会再次坠入爱河

EN: Fall in love again, in a storm
ZH: 再次,在风暴中坠入爱河

EN: Love within a storm (Continues in background throughout next verses)
ZH: 爱内风暴 (继续在下一节经文整个背景中)

EN: Just when I thought I'd seen it all
ZH: 当我以为我已看到了一切

EN: Our paths crossed, amen
ZH: 我们横渡,阿门的路径

EN: And I knew, from the first glance
ZH: 从第一眼我知道

EN: That you, would be hard to forget
ZH: 你,会难忘记

EN: Your eyes, attracted me first
ZH: 你的眼睛,第一次吸引了我

EN: But you reeked of sultry confidence
ZH: 但你浑身闷热的信心

EN: I couldn't wait, to touch lips
ZH: 我不能等,要碰嘴唇

EN: And kiss, with my heart's intention
ZH: 和我的心意图的吻

EN: When we didn't, was what I expected
ZH: 当我们并不是我的预期

EN: And for that moment, we erased the tension
ZH: 在那一刻我们抹去紧张

EN: Of the awkwardness, of first date jitters
ZH: 尴尬,第一次约会的紧张

EN: And the initial blind date, first impressions
ZH: 和初次相亲,第一印象

EN: We kissed again; and I felt the passion
ZH: 我们又 ; 吻了我觉得激情

EN: And this, my love, was Cupid's blessin'
ZH: 这,我的爱,是丘比特的祝福

EN: We made love, within a storm
ZH: 我们作爱内一场风暴,

EN: In the midst of passion and chaos
ZH: 在激情和混乱

EN: Somewhere, somehow, our true bond of friendship was lost
ZH: 在某个地方,不知何故,丢失了我们真正的友谊的纽带

EN: In the eye of the storm, the rain always falls harder
ZH: 在风暴之眼,总是雨更难

EN: Those who prevail this drama
ZH: 那些人战胜这场戏剧

EN: Will learn to bring their love farther
ZH: 将学习,使他们更远的爱

EN: But now, the storm has past
ZH: 但现在,这场风暴已过去

EN: And the seas of our friendship are gone
ZH: 我们之间的友谊的海洋都不见了

EN: But as long as I live, I will remember
ZH: 但是,只要我活着,我会记得

EN: The love within a storm
ZH: 在一场风暴内爱

EN: (Love within a storm is repeated after every line)
ZH: (在每行之后重复内一场风暴的爱)

EN: Sweet, passionate, love-lusting love
ZH: 甜、 充满激情、 爱玩世不恭的爱

EN: Ya know that I miss you, and love you
ZH: 你知道我在想念你,爱你

EN: Ya know that Tupac broke my heart
ZH: 你是知道的图帕克打破了我的心

EN: We need to hear ya, hear ya voice
ZH: 我们需要听到震遐,听到你的声音

EN: They say, this ghetto fabulous
ZH: 他们说,这在犹太人区

EN: On 125th street forkin' around
ZH: 125 街附近 forkin'

EN: This village, and the village uptown
ZH: 这个村和村住宅区

EN: South Central, Compton, Philly
ZH: 南中央,康普顿费城

EN: Sha-Town, Southside
ZH: 沙田镇南边

EN: It's hot in 'Lanta, hot in 'Lanta
ZH: 它是热的 '兰达,热中' 兰塔

EN: Jersey peeps, I hear ya
ZH: 泽西岛偷看我听到震遐

EN: Miami, South Beach, uh
ZH: 迈阿密,南海滩,...

EN: Yeeah, got love for you, love for you
ZH: Yeeah,都喜欢你,对你的爱

EN: My Brooklyn knights lovin' you, lovin' me
ZH: 我爱你那么爱我的布鲁克林骑士

EN: This open, rich city
ZH: 这种开放的、 富有的城市

EN: Ya know, I got love for you
ZH: 你知道对你的爱