2Pac - The Sun & The Moon lyrics (Chinese translation). | Daniel broke the king's decree,
, Peter stepped from the ship to the sea
, there was hope for Job...
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2Pac - The Sun & The Moon (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Daniel broke the king's decree,
ZH: 丹尼尔 · 打破了国王的法令

EN: Peter stepped from the ship to the sea
ZH: 彼得从船上跨步到海

EN: there was hope for Job like a cut down tree,
ZH: 有希望的工作像一块砍了树,

EN: I hope that there's such hope for me
ZH: 我希望我的这种希望

EN: dust be on my mind's conceptions
ZH: 灰尘会在脑海的构想

EN: and anything I thought I knew
ZH: 和什么我以为我知道

EN: each word of my lips' description,
ZH: 每个单词的说明我的嘴唇,

EN: and on all that I compare to You
ZH: 和上那我跟你比

EN: [the preference of the sun was
ZH: [太阳的倾向于

EN: to the south side of the farm
ZH: 对农场的南侧

EN: I planted to the north in a terra-cotta pot
ZH: 我栽到北部在陶锅

EN: blind as I'd become, I used to wonder where you are-
ZH: 将成为盲,用于不知道你在哪里-

EN: these days I can't find where you're not!]
ZH: 这些天我找不到你不!]

EN: mine's been a yard carefully surgace level tended
ZH: 我仔细的已经围场 surgace 水平往往

EN: foxes burrowed underground
ZH: 狐狸河岸地下掘些

EN: my gardening so highly self-recommended,
ZH: 那么高度自我推荐,我园艺

EN: what could I have done but let you down?
ZH: 什么东西可以我有做却让你失望?

EN: the sun and the moon,
ZH: 太阳和月亮,

EN: I want to see both worlds as One!
ZH: 我想要看两个世界都作为一个!

EN: mine's been a vivid story, dimly remembered
ZH: 我一直是一个生动的故事,隐约记得

EN: and by the hundredth time it's told, halfway true
ZH: 和第一百次的据说是半路 true

EN: of bad behavior well engendered
ZH: 以及所产生的不良行为

EN: what good is each good thing we think we do?
ZH: 什么好处是每个我们觉得我们做的好事?

EN: [find a friend and stay close and with a melting heart
ZH: [找到一个朋友和保持密切和融化的心

EN: tell them whatever you're most ashamed of-
ZH: 告诉他们你是最羞耻的-

EN: our parents have made so many mistakes,
ZH: 我们的父母犯了许多错误,

EN: but may we forgive them and forgive ourselves]
ZH: 但我们可能会原谅他们,原谅自己]

EN: the sun and the moon are my Father's eyes (x1,000)
ZH: 太阳和月亮是我父亲的眼睛 (x 1,000)