2Pac - The Good Die Young lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Tupac] {talking}
, These are hard times we livin' in, churches burnin', planes fallin' from...
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2Pac - The Good Die Young (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Tupac] {talking}
ZH: [图]{讨论}

EN: These are hard times we livin' in, churches burnin', planes fallin' from the
ZH: 这些都是硬倍我们生活,燃烧的教会,从坠落的飞机

EN: sky, murder, the good die young,(chuckle) the good definatly die young. This is
ZH: 天空、 谋杀、 好死 young,(chuckle) 良好 definatly 死年轻。这是

EN: just a little something to help you get through the day, if it could.
ZH: 只是有东西可以帮助你度过这一天,如果它能。

EN: Verse 1: [Tupac]
ZH: 第 1 节: [图]

EN: It was, more than a tragedy, emotions be grabbin' me,
ZH: 是,更不是一场悲剧,情绪会摸我,

EN: Plane fell from the sky, we tryin' to figure what happened,
ZH: 飞机从天上掉下来,我们想发生了什么事,

EN: Burnin' churches, fearin' God, Who could be so cruel?
ZH: 燃烧教堂、 fearin' 上帝的人可能会这么残忍吗?

EN: We all ignorant to AIDS, 'till it happens to you,
ZH: 我们所有无知到艾滋病,直到它发生于你,

EN: Just be a man, make plans, listen to your voice,
ZH: 只是一个人,使计划,听听你的声音,

EN: A woman's tryin' to make decisions, we should leave 'em a choice.
ZH: 一个女人的想要作出的决定,我们应该把他们留是最佳选择。

EN: 'Cause who are we to say who lives or dies, breathes or stops?
ZH: 因为我们要说谁生谁死,是谁呼吸或停止吗?

EN: All these judgements on other lives, needs to stop,
ZH: 所有这些判决对其他生命,需要停止,

EN: What are we livin' for? Givin' more back than takin',
ZH: 我们的生活是什么?更多回比带走,给

EN: On my knees still waitin' for my own salvation,
ZH: 在我的膝盖还等着我自己的救赎上

EN: Now I feel abandoned, 'cause Pat Buchanan say I'm greedy,
ZH: 现在感觉被遗弃,因为帕特 · 布坎南说我是贪婪的

EN: You can take my taxes, send me to war, but can't feed me?
ZH: 你可以把我的税,把我送到战争,但不能喂我吗?

EN: It's so easy to regret things, after they done,
ZH: 它是那么容易后悔的事情之后他们做,

EN: Babies catchin' murder cases, scared to laugh in the sun,
ZH: 婴儿温习谋杀的案件,害怕在阳光中,笑了起来

EN: The tragedy is that we all need, love in doses,
ZH: 可悲的是我们都需要爱的剂量,

EN: It's times like these, we feel closest, the good die young.
ZH: 它是这样的时期,我们觉得最接近,好死年轻。

EN: (Chorus)x2
ZH: (合唱) x 2

EN: [Yafeu Fula]
ZH: [Yafeu 富]

EN: Does anybody have an answer why,
ZH: 为什么,谁有答案吗

EN: It seems the good die young?
ZH: 它看起来好死年轻吗?

EN: Can anybody tell me why?
ZH: 谁能告诉我为什么吗?

EN: Can anybody tell me why?
ZH: 谁能告诉我为什么吗?

EN: [Tupac] {talking in background}
ZH: [图]{在背景上说话}

EN: The good die young, it's times like these we feel closest. The good die young,
ZH: 好死年轻,它是这样的时期我们觉得最接近。好死年轻,

EN: rest in peace, God bless the dead. Can we carry on? The good die young, the
ZH: 安息,上帝保佑死去的人。我们可以继续吗?好死年轻,

EN: good die young. Now we hear from the future, the next generation.
ZH: 好死年轻。现在我们听到来自未来的下一代。

EN: Verse 2: [Napolean]
ZH: 第 2 节: [拿破仑]

EN: How in the world will it get worse? When I been trapped since birth,
ZH: 它如何在世界中将变得更糟?当我出生起,被困

EN: But I had to sleep in the hearse, 'cause it was my bed first,
ZH: 但我不得不睡在灵车,因为它是我的床第一,

EN: My grands probably burnin',turnin, in the graves,
ZH: 我大概发烧,雨声在坟墓中的林荫

EN: Some folks ain't even get to see a high age,
ZH: 有些人不会甚至能够看到高年龄

EN: But they did, so I ain't afraid,
ZH: 但他们做了,所以我不会害怕,

EN: And this money got me feelin' like a star,
ZH: 这笔钱让我感觉到了像一颗星,

EN: And this murder got me feelin' like my death ain't far,
ZH: 这桩谋杀案让我感觉到我的死亡不是到目前为止,

EN: In the land of stardom and cars,
ZH: 在的明星、 汽车、 土地

EN: Don't get better, don't get weaker, or no, harder,
ZH: 不会更好,别较弱,或根本没有,更加努力,

EN: I was raised in the rush without my moms, and my, father,
ZH: 我从小在匆忙中如果没有我妈妈和我的父亲,

EN: So tell me somethin', if i grab my gat and get to dumpin,
ZH: 所以告诉我的东西,如果我拿我的枪,并获得 dumpin,

EN: Will God get to lookin' at me, funny? Ha
ZH: 神会向看着我,好笑吗?医管局

EN: Rest in peace to my mother, Aquillah Beale
ZH: 向我的母亲,Aquillah Beale 安息

EN: Rest in peace to my father, Salek Beale
ZH: 我的父亲萨莱克 Beale 安息

EN: Rest in peace to my grandparents,
ZH: 向我的祖父母,安息吧

EN: And thug in peace to my brother Seike,
ZH: 和暴徒在给我哥哥冰粥展示柜,和平

EN: You know I love you.
ZH: 你知道我爱你。

EN: Verse 3: [Young Noble]
ZH: 第 3 节: [年轻贵族]

EN: Which is worse, fist Storm and then Al, Pac and then Yak,
ZH: 这是更糟糕的是,拳头风暴,然后 Al,Pac,然后牦牛

EN: Reverend Brown, could've swore I saw yo' face in the clouds,
ZH: 布朗牧师,发誓看到哟 ' 在云彩中,脸上

EN: Family grievin' on yo' last breath,
ZH: 家庭 grievin' 上哟 ' 最后的呼吸,

EN: Close to the heart, whether you know it or not,
ZH: 心,是否你知道与否,

EN: I swear the love won't stop,
ZH: 我发誓不会停止的爱,

EN: Jewel, thats my boo, Mom, Duke, and Lou,
ZH: 宝石,这就是我的错,妈妈,公爵和卢

EN: From jump, you kept it true, helped to feed the crew,
ZH: 从跳转,你把它为 true,有助于饲料乘员组,

EN: The good die young, livin' fast jumpin' the gun,
ZH: 好死年轻,生活快速跳枪,

EN: Momma blamin' the community fo' killin' her son,
ZH: 嬷嬷是在责备社会 fo' 杀她的儿子,

EN: My cousin' Darin wasn't scared of goin',
ZH: 我表弟 ' 达林不害怕的事,

EN: But never knowin' he would die slower,
ZH: 但不是知道他会死得较慢,

EN: I guess I'll see you when I see you soulja.
ZH: 我看你看到你酱爆吧

EN: (Chorus)x1
ZH: (合唱) x 1

EN: Verse 4: [Kastro]
ZH: 第 4 节: [卡斯特罗]

EN: I know my life ain't promised, that's why the wise move in silence,
ZH: 我知道我的生活不是答应了,这就是为什么智者在沉默中, 移动

EN: Analyze these scandolous times, it's hard dawg but we manage,
ZH: 分析这些 scandolous 倍,这是硬狗但我们管理

EN: Schools turn to war zones, even homes unsafe,
ZH: 学校转到战争地带,甚至房子不安全的

EN: Leavin' children to play caged, and raged to hate,
ZH: 离开孩子们玩笼,和发怒了恨,

EN: How come? Someone explain, why the good die young,
ZH: 怎么会这样?有没有人解释,为什么好死年轻,

EN: Why the bad die slow, and outlive everyone?
ZH: 为什么坏的死慢,和每个人都活得长吗?

EN: It's time somethin' is done, for our young kids,
ZH: 它是为我们年轻的孩子,什么做的时间

EN: They growin' hopeless and that ain't the way to live,
ZH: 他们好久绝望和那不是活着的方式

EN: Tell me why.
ZH: 告诉我为什么。

EN: Verse 5: [E.D.I. Amin]
ZH: 第 5 节: [E.D.I.阿明]

EN: Days goin' pass, and as they pass time moves with it,
ZH: 天去传递,以及他们传递时间移动它,

EN: No time for wastin', put your hustle down my young dealers,
ZH: 没有时间去浪费,放你下来我年轻的经销商喧嚣

EN: 'Cause the end is nearin', but at least thats what they, tellin' me,
ZH: 因为 nearin' 是结束了,但在至少那是什么他们告诉我,

EN: Hell all I know brutha's ain't ridin' fo' 3 felonies,
ZH: 地狱我只知道 brutha 的没骑的 fo' 三项重罪

EN: It's time to plan, plot, stratagize, capatalize, mobelize,
ZH: 它是对计划、 情节、 stratagize、 capatalize、 mobelize、 时间

EN: We in the war y'all, it's for all of y'all,
ZH: 我们在战争中你们,它是为所有的你们,

EN: My family, to the ones who stand me,
ZH: 我的家人,到那些站在我,

EN: Little bit mo' love is reccomended,
ZH: 小位 mo' 爱是建议,

EN: And it's plain to see, the seeds from you and me,
ZH: 它是明显的从你和我,种子

EN: Goin' be the ones to lead us, towards unity,
ZH: 去注定要带领我们走向统一,

EN: That's if we treat 'em right, man, teach 'em right,
ZH: 这就是如果我们对待他们吧,教他们吧

EN: Raise yo' kids better than you was, and see what it does,
ZH: 提高哟 ' 孩子比你更好,并看看它有什么

EN: But if you don't, man we'll surely be done,
ZH: 但如果你不,我们肯定会做,

EN: And we'll all see exactly why the good's dyin' young.
ZH: 我们到底为什么会都看到良好的垂死 ' 年轻。

EN: (Chorus)(till fade)
ZH: (合唱)(直到淡入淡出)

EN: [Tupac] {talking}
ZH: [图]{讨论}

EN: You ain't lyin' man, the good die young.The good die young, I send this out to
ZH: 你不是说谎 ' 哥们,好死年轻。好死年轻的把它发到

EN: all my homeboyz who passed away, and all yo' homeboyz who passed away. I send
ZH: 所有我 homeboyz 去世了,和所有哟 ' homeboyz 逝世。我发送

EN: this out to all the folden, fallen, souljas that's in the cemetaries buried,
ZH: 这出所有秸下降,在地脉埋没的感情

EN: never got to see they dreams. For everything I touch, you touch. For every step
ZH: 从来没有看到他们的梦想。凡事要我碰你碰。每一步

EN: I take, you take. For every breath I breath, you breath. Every dollar I make,
ZH: 我带,你拿。对于每一次呼吸我的呼吸、 你的呼吸。我使每 1 美元

EN: you make(chuckle). I told you we'd make it to the sunshine one day, you just
ZH: 你现在的 make(chuckle)。我告诉过你我们会更阳光一天,你只是

EN: got there a little quicker. But like my homeboyz, the (Bone)Thugs say, I'll
ZH: 有没有更快的。但就像我的 homeboyz (骨) 暴徒说,我会

EN: catch you at the crossroads. The good die young. Oklahoma, little young
ZH: 抓到你在十字路口。好死年轻。奥克拉荷马,有点年轻

EN: Xzanapher, LaTasha Harlins, all the fallen kids, the dead babies, the closed
ZH: Xzanapher,舒 Harlins 堕落的孩子们死婴、 封闭

EN: caskets.
ZH: 棺材。

EN: [Napolean] {talking}
ZH: [拿破仑]{讨论}

EN: This song is dedicated, to all them kids who died innocent and died young, at
ZH: 这首歌被献给,所有孩子死无辜而死得早,在

EN: Columbine High, rest in peace, Outlawz.
ZH: 科伦高,在和平、 Outlawz 的其余部分。