2Pac - Street Life (feat. Snoop Dogg) lyrics (Chinese translation). | {chrous}x2
, dont let this streetlife get ya down
, dont let this streetlife run u around
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2Pac - Street Life (feat. Snoop Dogg) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: {chrous}x2
ZH: {chrous} x 2

EN: dont let this streetlife get ya down
ZH: 别让雅下来此高明

EN: dont let this streetlife run u around
ZH: 别让跑来跑去 u 此高明

EN: {snoop}
ZH: {} snoop

EN: since i was young i grew up in the streetlife
ZH: 从我小时候我在长大高明

EN: times get hard for a gangstar in the streetlife
ZH: 如何为 gangstar 艰难在高明

EN: aint no tellin what my life might be like growin up in the streetlife
ZH: 不是我的生活可能是没有告诉喜欢在高明悸动

EN: you cant tell me shit about these streets homie
ZH: 你不能告诉我这些街道兄弟的坏话

EN: i done lived it and done it runnin from the police
ZH: 我做住它,做它的警察

EN: out for the money, homies maintain there composure
ZH: 出钱,为家人保持那里镇静

EN: now that we olders we sellin ki's, bye the douzia
ZH: 现在,我们面龋我们塞 ki,再见 douzia

EN: now im a soulja muthafucka for the chips wanna dip to trip
ZH: 现在我的一生为筹码酱爆只想要蘸之旅

EN: headed straight for dc, down for dp.
ZH: dp 为平直的直流,领导下来。

EN: flipt the script and came equipted with some riders who got my back
ZH: flipt 脚本和来了 equipted 与一些车手我回来

EN: snoop coliogne, you know im always down to jack
ZH: snoop coliogne,你知道我总是到杰克

EN: i jack for instant thought,talkin walk the walk
ZH: 我杰克即时想一想,说话步行步行

EN: niggas who oppose automaticly get stomped
ZH: 黑鬼自动进行反对的人被踩扁

EN: terrorizing the neighborhood niggas gaining they grab me
ZH: 恐吓邻居黑鬼获得他们抓住我

EN: southside and dash, mashin for the rep
ZH: 南边和破折号,mashin 为销售代表

EN: rest in peace to deseiced homeboyz who aint alive
ZH: deseiced homeboyz 在和平中的休息的人不是还活着

EN: streetlife took him over now he forced to die
ZH: 高明接管他现在他不得不死了

EN: slippin and sliddin, bouncin counting my ends
ZH: 不想和 sliddin,bouncin 计算我的目的

EN: to be straight, times is ruff for these dayz
ZH: 直,时间是为这些 dayz 啵

EN: niggas is crazy, but the fear is much greater, the inavater, dominator
ZH: 黑人就是疯了,但担心的是更大的 inavater、 主宰

EN: soul creater, out for the papers!
ZH: 灵魂创世出的文件 !

EN: since i was young i grew up in the streetlife
ZH: 从我小时候我在长大高明

EN: {2pac}
ZH: {} 2pac

EN: bustin and balein, thugs addicted to drug saling
ZH: 野和 balein,沉迷于毒品销售于一体的暴徒

EN: ki's got me riskin, living the street, catch a fellonie
ZH: 淇安让我眼、 生活街、 渔 fellonie

EN: how many niggas wanna see me gone?
ZH: 多少人爱你想要看着我消失?

EN: you bitches is playa haters who hate to see a nigga hold his own
ZH: 你的母狗是普拉亚不愿意看到一个黑鬼,坚守自己的仇恨

EN: forever ballin and never fallin
ZH: 永远对质,从来没有一次一次

EN: live my life as a thug, now can you hear the liquor callin
ZH: 我作为一个流氓的生活,你现在可以听到酒呼喊

EN: when we blaze niggas is blinded
ZH: 当我们开拓黑鬼是蒙蔽了

EN: my compotion is minimual so i live, criminal minded
ZH: 我的 compotion 是 minimual 的所以我活着,刑事胸襟

EN: nigga can you hear me wave yo pistols in the ski
ZH: 黑鬼你能听见我哟手枪在波滑雪

EN: and roll a phat ass blunt, i bet that shit will get you high
ZH: 和滚的大屁股钝,我敢打赌这东西会让你高

EN: they wonder why im hard to kill, hard to let go
ZH: 他们想知道为什么 im 难杀了,很难放开

EN: how can i die and leave my peers on deathrow
ZH: 问: 如何可以死和在 deathrow 上留下我的同事

EN: im makaveli,45, tatto my belly
ZH: im *,45,纹身我的肚子

EN: conversating wit my nigga dogg, lyrics so deadly
ZH: conversating 机智我黑鬼 dogg,如此致命的歌词

EN: when ya come to get me bring an army
ZH: 你到这儿来的时候我带一支军队

EN: an outlaw muthafucka, who can harm me
ZH: 歹徒仍旧可以伤害我的人

EN: bomb the clip and see the track smokin
ZH: 炸弹剪辑和查看跟踪斯莫金

EN: cause real badboy killas be them gat toaters
ZH: 导致真正 badboy 千岁是他们 gat toaters

EN: ha ha, open ya eyes and understand me
ZH: 医管局医管局,睁开你的眼睛和理解我

EN: world aint fair these muthafuckas doin scandlous see
ZH: 世界是不公平的 scandlous 看看这些蓝光干

EN: niggas dont wanna see me hot with my glock cocked
ZH: 黑鬼不想看到我热与翘起我 glock

EN: drinkin on hen, screamin fuck the world this is the end, in the streetlife
ZH: 这只母鸡,疲惫操世界上喝酒是最后,在高明