2Pac - Shit Don't Stop lyrics (Chinese translation). | [2pac]
, Shit don't stop [2x]
, Game rules often slang to the right fools
, Heavy hittin' at this...
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2Pac - Shit Don't Stop (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [2pac]
ZH: [] 2pac

EN: Shit don't stop [2x]
ZH: 狗屎不停 [2 x]

EN: Game rules often slang to the right fools
ZH: 游戏规则往往俚语向右的傻瓜

EN: Heavy hittin' at this motherfucker's straight spittin'
ZH: 在这你娘直 spittin' hittin' 重

EN: Diggin' deep into your brain while tryin to explain
ZH: 同时试着解释到你的大脑深处 diggin'

EN: why real niggas need to stick to the game
ZH: 真正爱为什么要坚守游戏

EN: It's the same got these motherfuckers changin' on me
ZH: 它同样有新曲这些这些混蛋我

EN: Jealous-ass player-haters gaming on me
ZH: 嫉妒屁股播放器仇恨我玩游戏

EN: Look out motherfucker homey-G
ZH: 看你娘温馨-G

EN: As in gettin' motherfuckers 'fore they come get me
ZH: 在获取 '这些混蛋' 等到他们来帮我

EN: Get down for the right for the wishes
ZH: 下来的愿望的权利

EN: Fake ass nigga, you in shit, for fightin' over bitches
ZH: 您在屎,把过去母犬的假驴著

EN: You call that a player?
ZH: 您调用的播放器吗?

EN: Straight-ass sissy
ZH: 直屁股西西

EN: See me at my show nigga miss me
ZH: 见我在放映著你想念我

EN: Cause I ain't tryin' to hear that bullshit
ZH: 我不想听到胡说的原因

EN: Got a pistol motherfucker try to pull quick
ZH: 有手枪你娘的尝试快速拉

EN: And just cause i'm rappin don't mean I ain't scrappin
ZH: 我那寂寞晚上睡的正义事业并不意味着我不是 scrappin

EN: And if you clip when the shit happens, it don't stop
ZH: 如果您的剪贴在失意时,一直不停

EN: [chorus] Shit don't stop...
ZH: [合唱]狗屎不停......

EN: [Y.N.V]
ZH: [Y.N.V]

EN: Now my guess is true
ZH: 现在我的猜测是真的

EN: Them thug life niggas is a bull
ZH: 他们怪不得生命是一只公牛

EN: Everywhere we go
ZH: 我们到处去

EN: The niggas trippin at the door
ZH: 在门口到底是爱

EN: I want to dance with you
ZH: 我想与你共舞

EN: You can dance at the party and not get whipped [1x]
ZH: 您可以在晚会上跳舞并不得到鞭打 [1 x]

EN: [Macadoshis]
ZH: [] Macadoshis

EN: See the shit don't stop
ZH: 见屎不停

EN: My 9 goes pop
ZH: 我 9 走流行

EN: Your body drip-drop
ZH: 你身体滴灌滴

EN: Throw that ass in a zip-loc
ZH: 在 zip loc 引发的屁股

EN: [Rated R]
ZH: [额定的 R]

EN: Now you've been hauled away in a body bag
ZH: 现在你已经被壮丁走在身体袋

EN: Get your Sammy D said how your blood got sneeze me
ZH: 获取您的道具 D 说: 你的血液是怎么打喷嚏我

EN: [Macadoshis]
ZH: [] Macadoshis

EN: Yo you fuckin' with a thug yo your ass gets plugged
ZH: 哟你他妈的暴徒与哟你屁股获取插入

EN: With this hollow-point slugs
ZH: 与此空心点蛞蝓

EN: With ya under the rug
ZH: 与雅在地毯之下

EN: [Rated R]
ZH: [额定的 R]

EN: That's why my deaf niggas don't play that shit
ZH: 那是为什么我聋黑鬼不玩那狗屎

EN: In thug life niggas be the craziest
ZH: 渺渺的黑鬼会疯狂

EN: [Macadoshis]
ZH: [] Macadoshis

EN: So when you think about fuckin' this
ZH: 所以,当你想想老天这

EN: You better wear a vest
ZH: 你最好穿一件背心

EN: But it really don't matter
ZH: 但它真的不重要

EN: We ain't aimin' at your chest
ZH: 我们不是在你的胸部 aimin'

EN: [Rated R]
ZH: [额定的 R]

EN: Nah we blowin holes in your motherfuckin' skull
ZH: 没有我们飘荡在你他妈的孔 ' 头骨

EN: Make sure your ass is smoked
ZH: 请确保你的屁股熏

EN: That's all the fat lady wrote
ZH: 这就是全部的那个胖女人写道:

EN: [Macadoshis]
ZH: [] Macadoshis

EN: You heard that fat bitch sing when my shit went bang-bang
ZH: 你听说过那个胖婊子唱时我拉屎去了棒棒

EN: But it don't pay when i flaunt your brain
ZH: 但它不支付时我炫耀你的大脑

EN: [Rated R]
ZH: [额定的 R]

EN: Nigga, ain't no plain cane brothers come no show
ZH: 爱,不是没有纯甘蔗兄弟来没有显示

EN: In the casket
ZH: 在棺材里

EN: Git'n they ass kicked
ZH: Git'n 他们踢屁股

EN: And blasted
ZH: 和爆破

EN: It don't stop
ZH: 它不停

EN: [chorus 1x]
ZH: [合唱 1 x]

EN: [Mopreme]
ZH: [] Mopreme

EN: All I wanna do is try to Mac the hoes
ZH: 我想要做的就是试到 Mac 锄头

EN: Spin bank on thangs sellin me a sponsor on my foes
ZH: 数值调节钮银行上无数我赞助我仇敌的说话

EN: It's like each and every one they got the look of death
ZH: 这就像每一个拿到死亡的外观

EN: I got my 9 nigga
ZH: 我有 9 只是回忆

EN: Don't be silly
ZH: 别傻了

EN: You better watch your step
ZH: 您更好地观看您的步骤

EN: [Syke]
ZH: [] Syke

EN: And pussies we crossin when my crew is flossin'
ZH: 阴茎我们 crossin 时我船员是 flossin'

EN: Bitches we tossin'
ZH: 梦我们 tossin'

EN: And niggas we crossin'
ZH: 黑鬼我们 crossin'

EN: It's like a murder rhyme when we hit your hood
ZH: 它就像谋杀韵时我们打你罩

EN: It's all good
ZH: 味道都不错

EN: The punks? I wish you would!
ZH: 庞克吗?我希望你将 !

EN: [Mopreme]
ZH: [] Mopreme

EN: Wouldn't better to just corrolate what we bust
ZH: 不好只是 corrolate 我们的破产

EN: Instead of kickin' dust
ZH: 而不是太了不起了尘

EN: Gets a press y'all from nuts
ZH: 获取新闻你们从坚果

EN: Cause ain't no herbs here
ZH: 原因并不是在这里没有草药

EN: And ain't no morgues
ZH: 并不是没有停尸房

EN: Beware of the water 'cause they full of sharks
ZH: 水的要小心,因为他们充分的鲨鱼

EN: [Syke]
ZH: [] Syke

EN: But in every state
ZH: 但在每个国家

EN: Niggas perpetrate and test
ZH: 黑鬼犯下和测试

EN: Where I come from fools die for less
ZH: 来自何处愚模较少

EN: And thugs keep thugin' till their casket drop
ZH: 暴徒继续苦苦的计较 ' 直到其棺材里滴

EN: It's on 'till I die
ZH: 正是在上直到我死

EN: And the shit don't stop
ZH: 屎不停

EN: [chorus 2x]
ZH: [合唱 2 x]