2Pac - Rebel Of The Underground lyrics (Chinese translation). | Rebel.. rebel.. REBEL
, Rebel.. rebel..
, [2Pac]
, They just can't stand the reign, or the...
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2Pac - Rebel Of The Underground (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Rebel.. rebel.. REBEL
ZH: 叛军...叛军...叛军

EN: Rebel.. rebel..
ZH: 叛军...叛军...

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: They just can't stand the reign, or the occasional pain
ZH: 他们只是不能忍受统治时期或偶尔疼痛

EN: from a man like me, who goes against the grain
ZH: 从像我这样的人,谁会反对谷物

EN: Sometimes I do it in vain, so with a little bass and treble
ZH: 有时候我做徒然,这么一个小低音和高音

EN: Hey Mister! It's time for me to explain that I'm the rebel
ZH: 嘿先生 !是时候让我解释我是反叛者

EN: Cold as the devil
ZH: 冰冷的像恶魔

EN: Straight from the underground, the rebel, a lower level
ZH: 直接从地下、 反叛、 较低的级别

EN: They came to see the maniac psychopath
ZH: 他们来看疯子精神病患者

EN: The critics heard of me, and the aftermath
ZH: 评论家们听说我,和之后的

EN: I don't give a damn and it shows
ZH: 我不会在乎和它显示

EN: And when I do a stage show I wear street clothes
ZH: 当我做舞台剧的时候我穿的便服

EN: So they all know me
ZH: 所以他们都认识我

EN: The lyrical lunatic, the maniac emcee
ZH: 抒情的疯子,疯子司仪

EN: I give a shout out to your homies
ZH: 我给一喊你的同伙

EN: And maybe then, the critics'll leave your boy alone, G
ZH: 也许然后,评论家会放过你的男孩,和 G

EN: On the streets or on TV
ZH: 在街头或在电视上

EN: It just don't pay to be, a truth tellin MC
ZH: 它只是不用花钱就能告诉 MC 真相

EN: They won't be happy till I'm banned
ZH: 他们也不会开心的直到我被赶

EN: The most dangerous weapon: an educated black man
ZH: 最危险的武器: 一个受过良好教育的黑人

EN: So point blank in your face, pump up the bass
ZH: 所以直截了当在你的脸,泵低音

EN: and join the human race
ZH: 并加入人类种族

EN: I throw peace to the Bay
ZH: 我扔给海湾和平

EN: Cause from the Jungle to Oaktown, they backin me up all the way
ZH: 导致从丛林到就毙,他们回来我一路

EN: You know you gotta love the sound
ZH: 你知道你得爱声音

EN: It's from the rebel -- the rebel of the underground
ZH: 它是从反叛者 — — 地下的反叛

EN: Rebel he's a rebel, rebel of the underground [4X]
ZH: 他是反叛,反叛的地下 [4 X] 的反叛

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Now I'm face to face with the devils
ZH: 我现在是与魔鬼

EN: Cause they breedin more rebels than the whole damn ghetto
ZH: 导致他们 breedin 更多叛乱分子比整个该死的犹太人区

EN: And police brutality
ZH: 和警察的暴行

EN: shit it put you in the nip and call it technicality
ZH: 它把你放在债券和称之为技术性问题靠

EN: So you reap what you sow
ZH: 所以你收获什么

EN: So reap the wrath of the rebel, jackin em up once mo'
ZH: 所以收获反叛者,一次高飞 em 的愤怒mo'

EN: Now the fox is in the henhouse, creepin up on your daughter
ZH: 现在狐狸在鸡窝,悄悄地在你的女儿上

EN: While you sleep I got her sneakin out
ZH: 你睡觉的时候我出来她 sneakin

EN: Tupac ain't nuttin nice
ZH: 图帕克不是尼坦尼斯

EN: I'll be nuttin how I wanna, and doin what I'm gonna
ZH: 我会将骤雨如何我想,和干什么的

EN: Now I'm up to no good
ZH: 我现在是没干好事

EN: The mastermind of mischief movin more than most could
ZH: 淘气 movin 比最可能的策划者

EN: So sit and slip into the sound
ZH: 所以坐和滑入声音

EN: Peep the rebel -- the rebel of the underground
ZH: 窥视反叛者 — — 地下的反叛

EN: Rebel he's a rebel, rebel of the underground [4X]
ZH: 他是反叛,反叛的地下 [4 X] 的反叛

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: They say they hate me, they wanna hold me down
ZH: 他们说他们不喜欢我,他们想要我按住

EN: I guess they scared of the rebel -- the rebel of the underground
ZH: 我猜他们害怕的反叛者 — — 地下的反叛

EN: But I never let it get me
ZH: 但我不会让它影响我

EN: I just make another record bout the punks tryin to sweat me
ZH: 我只是做记录的又一轮试着汗水我的小混混

EN: In fact, they tryin to keep me out
ZH: 事实上,他们试着让我

EN: Try to censor what I say
ZH: 尝试检查我说什么

EN: cause they don't like what I'm talkin bout
ZH: 导致他们不喜欢什么我我又醉

EN: So what's wrong with the media today?
ZH: 所以什么毛病媒体今天?

EN: Got brothers sellin out cause they greedy to get paid
ZH: 有兄弟塞出原因他们贪婪获得报酬

EN: But me, I'm comin from the soul
ZH: 但我是从灵魂进我,

EN: And if it don't go gold, my story still gettin told
ZH: 如果它不去金,还得告诉我的故事

EN: And that way they can't stop me
ZH: 这种方式他们不能阻止我

EN: And if it sells a couple of copies, the punks'll try to copy
ZH: 如果它卖几个副本,小混混会试着复制

EN: It's sloppy, don't even try to
ZH: 它是马虎,也别到

EN: I'm a slave to the rhythm, and I'm about to fly through
ZH: 我是个奴隶的节奏,和我要通过飞

EN: So yo to the people in the ghetto
ZH: 所以哟在犹太人民

EN: When ya hear the bass flow, go ahead and let go
ZH: 当你听到低音流时,去和放手

EN: Now everybody wanna gangbang
ZH: 现在每个人都想要大海

EN: They talkin street slang, but the punks still can't hang
ZH: 他们说话街头俚语,但仍小混混不能挂

EN: They makin records bout violence
ZH: 他们不断记录映入眼帘一轮暴力

EN: But when it comes to the real, some brothers go silent
ZH: 但真正的当,一些兄弟去无声

EN: It kinda make you wanna think about
ZH: 这有点让你想想

EN: that ya gotta do some sellin out, just to get your record out
ZH: 你需要做一些塞出去,只是把你的记录出来

EN: But 2Pacalpyse is straight down
ZH: 但 2Pacalpyse 是直接向下

EN: So feel the wrath of the rebel -- the rebel of the underground
ZH: 所以觉得反叛者 — — 地下的反叛者的愤怒

EN: Tupac is a rebel, rebel of the underground [8X]
ZH: 图帕克是地下的反叛,反叛 [8 X]