2Pac - Pain (feat. Stretch) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Voice sample from Star Trek V]
, I couldn't help but notice your pain
, [My pain?]
, It runs deep
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2Pac - Pain (feat. Stretch) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Voice sample from Star Trek V]
ZH: [声音样本来自星际迷航 V]

EN: I couldn't help but notice your pain
ZH: 我不禁要注意你的痛苦

EN: [My pain?]
ZH: [我的痛苦?]

EN: It runs deep
ZH: 它运行深

EN: Share it with me!
ZH: 和我分享 !

EN: [Tupac:]
ZH: [图帕克:]

EN: They'll never take me alive
ZH: 他们永远不会带我还活着

EN: I'm gettin' high with my four-five,
ZH: 我与我的 4-5,我高

EN: Cocked on these suckas, time to die
ZH: 这些天空上翘起,死亡时间

EN: Even as a youngster causin' ruckus on the back of the bus,
ZH: 甚至作为背面的巴士,causin' 的童党口水战

EN: I was a fool all through high school kickin' up dust,
ZH: 我是傻瓜都通过高中扬起尘埃,:

EN: But now I'm labelled as a trouble maker who can you blame?
ZH: 但现在我感到称为麻烦制造者可以不怪?

EN: Smokin' weed helped me take away the pain,
ZH: Smokin' 杂草帮我带走的痛苦,

EN: So I'm hopeless,
ZH: 所以我很绝望,

EN: Rollin' down the freeway swervin, don't worry,
ZH: Rollin' 下高速公路 swervin,别担心,

EN: I'm about to crash up on the curb, 'cause my visions blurry
ZH: 我要崩溃了,在路边,因为我模糊的愿景

EN: Maybe if they tried to understand me,
ZH: 也许,如果他们试图了解我,

EN: What should I do?
ZH: 我该怎么办?

EN: I had to feed my fuckin' family,
ZH: 我不得不养活家人他妈的,

EN: What else could I do?
ZH: 我可以做什么?

EN: But be a thug,
ZH: 但被暴徒,

EN: Out slangin' with the homies,
ZH: 出的那些 slangin'

EN: Fuck hangin' with them phonies in the clubs,
ZH: 他妈的绝望与他们在俱乐部,片片

EN: Got my mind on danger,
ZH: 危险上, 了我的心

EN: Never been a stranger to homicide,
ZH: 从来都不是一个陌生人杀人罪行,

EN: My city's full of gang bangers and drive-bys,
ZH: 我市的全伙窃贼和不慎,

EN: Why do we die at an early age?
ZH: 我们为什么死在早期的年龄?

EN: He was so young,
ZH: 他很年轻,

EN: But still a victim of the 12 gauge,
ZH: 但仍 12 的受害者衡量,

EN: My memories of a corpse,
ZH: 一具尸体,我的记忆

EN: Mind full of sick thoughts, IIIIIIIIIII
ZH: 心灵充满了生病的思想,IIIIIIIIIII

EN: And I ain't goin' back to court,
ZH: 我不是要回离开法庭,

EN: So fuck what you thought,
ZH: 他妈的你的思想,

EN: I'm drinkin' hennessey,
ZH: 我是 drinkin' 亨尼西,

EN: runnin from my enemies,
ZH: 从我的敌人,狂奔

EN: Will I live to be 23?
ZH: 我将会活到 23 吗?

EN: There's so much pain.
ZH: 有那么多的痛苦。

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Ohhhh....
ZH: 者,… …。

EN: Tired of the Strain and the Pain
ZH: 厌倦了紧张和痛苦

EN: Ohhhh....
ZH: 者,… …。

EN: Tired of the Strain and the Pain
ZH: 厌倦了紧张和痛苦

EN: [Bird man:]
ZH: [鸟人:]

EN: Years and years of that rough life,
ZH: 年那粗糙的生活,

EN: Runnin' crazed and wild as a kid and growin' tough with a knife,
ZH: 逃跑的疯狂和野生小时候和盛开着一把刀,在三叶草艰难

EN: Livin' trife on the regular,
ZH: 对规则,得过着这个白痴

EN: Buckin' out competitors,
ZH: Buckin' 出竞争对手,

EN: See them take a move and check em down like a fuckin' predator,
ZH: 看到他们采取行动和检查下的 em 他妈的捕食者,像

EN: Get in trouble everyday in school,
ZH: 惹上麻烦每天在学校,

EN: Act a fool,
ZH: 行事而愚蠢的人

EN: And you know I had to break every rule,
ZH: 你知道,我不得不打破每一项规则,

EN: Showin' off for the bitches, 'cause I had the mad rep',
ZH: Showin' 的母犬,因为我已经疯了销售代表 ',

EN: So I had to watch my back when it was time to step,
ZH: 所以我不得不看着我的背,时刻到来时

EN: But my grimiest grimeys with love for me,
ZH: 但对我来说,爱我 grimiest grimeys

EN: Pop, pop, pop
ZH: 流行、 流行、 流行

EN: And send a chuckle up above for me,
ZH: 并发送笑以上对我来说,

EN: Aiiyo currency kept passin' me by,
ZH: Aiiyo 货币保持身边离去我的

EN: But I didn't cry,
ZH: 但我并没有哭,

EN: Broke and head off with the pack and started sellin' coke,
ZH: 打破了阻止使用包和开始 sellin' 焦,

EN: And now the money's lookin' lovely,
ZH: 现在的钱尖儿可爱,

EN: Pop the drop top and now the bitches wanna rob me,
ZH: 流行滴顶部和母犬现在想抢我,

EN: Kick 'em the game,
ZH: 踢扑克游戏,

EN: It's all the same,
ZH: 它是所有相同的

EN: I kick it back yo,
ZH: 我踢它回来哟,

EN: Give 'em slack yo,
ZH: 给他们可宽延时间哟,

EN: And now they label me the mack yo,
ZH: 现在他们标签我麦晋桁哟,

EN: People check it,
ZH: 人民检查它,

EN: Get disrespected if you front on the Birdman,
ZH: 如果你在睡梦中上, 前得到轻视

EN: You heard man,
ZH: 你听说过的人,

EN: Catch a couple shots from the glock in my hand,
ZH: 在我的手,抓住几个镜头从格洛克

EN: Damn! At least I'm realistic, with my biscuit,
ZH: 该死 !至少我是现实的与我的饼干,

EN: You know you get your ass twisted,
ZH: 你知道你屁股扭,

EN: So run for cover,
ZH: 封面,所以运行

EN: Me and my man got a plan kickin' major dust,
ZH: 我和我的男人有太大灰尘,计划

EN: So if your on nigga look for the gauge to bust,
ZH: 所以,如果你对爱寻找破裂,计

EN: A lot of pressure with the street fame,
ZH: 与街头的名声,压力很大

EN: It's a deep game,
ZH: 它是一个深的游戏,

EN: And my mama always cryin',
ZH: 我妈妈总是哭泣,

EN: Yo there's so much pain,
ZH: 你有太多的痛苦,

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Ohhhh...
ZH: 这样...

EN: Ohhhh...
ZH: 这样...

EN: [Tupac:]
ZH: [图帕克:]

EN: They got me mobbin' like I'm,
ZH: 他们让我像我,mobbin'

EN: Loc'ed and ready to get my slug on,
ZH: 发疯样地跑,准备让我塞对,

EN: I load my clip and slip my motherfuckin' gloves on,
ZH: 加载我的剪辑,并滑我他妈的 ' 手套,

EN: I ain't scared to blast on these suckas if they test me,
ZH: 不是害怕这些天空上瘟病如果他们测试了我,

EN: Trust, I got my glock cocked playa if they press me,
ZH: 信任,如果他们按我,我得到了我翘起的格洛克普拉亚

EN: Bust on motherfuckers with a - paaassion,
ZH: 对这些混蛋萧条与-paaassion,

EN: Better duck cause I ain't lookin when I'm - blaaastin',
ZH: 更好地鸭的原因我不是 lookin 当我-blaaastin',

EN: I'm a nuttin, drinkin' Hennessey and gettin' high,
ZH: 我是骤雨、 drinkin' 亨尼西和变高,

EN: On the lookout for my enemies,
ZH: 在我的敌人寻找

EN: Don't wanna die,
ZH: 不想死,

EN: Tell me why cause this stress is gettin' major,
ZH: 告诉我为什么这种压力是卡住主要原因

EN: A buck-fifty across the face with my razor,
ZH: 我的剃刀,面对跨降压五十一

EN: What can I do but be a thug until I'm dead and gone,
ZH: 什么东西可以我做却被暴徒,直到我死了,

EN: Keep my brain on the game and stay head strong,
ZH: 让我对这场比赛的大脑和呆头强,

EN: These sorry bastards,
ZH: 这些抱歉的混蛋,

EN: Want to kill me in my sleep but will they can I see,
ZH: 要杀了我在睡梦中,但他们会我能看看,

EN: And everyday it's just a struggle,
ZH: 每天都是一场斗争,

EN: Steady thuggin' on the streets,
ZH: 稳定的痞子 ' 街头,

EN: And I'll be ballin' loc,
ZH: 我会 ballin' loc,

EN: Don't let 'em make you worry,
ZH: 别让它们让您担心,

EN: Keep swingin' at these suckas till you buried,
ZH: 保持直到你埋葬,在这些天空 swingin'

EN: I was born to raise hell,
ZH: 我生来为了提高地狱,

EN: A nigga from the gutta,
ZH: 杜仲胶,是来自

EN: Word to mutha I'm tough,
ZH: Word 次你对我是艰难的

EN: I'm kickin dust up,
ZH: 我是劲儿灰尘,

EN: Ready to bust,
ZH: 破裂,准备好了

EN: I'm on the scene steady muggin' mean,
ZH: 我在现场稳定 muggin' 意思,

EN: Until they kill me,
ZH: 直到他们杀了我,

EN: I'll be livin this life,
ZH: 我会将这种生活,生存

EN: I know you feel me,
ZH: 我知道你感觉到我,

EN: There's so much pain
ZH: 有那么多的痛苦

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Ohhh...
ZH: 哦 … …

EN: Tired of the Strain and the Pain
ZH: 厌倦了紧张和痛苦

EN: Ohhh...
ZH: 哦 … …

EN: Tired of the Strain and the Pain
ZH: 厌倦了紧张和痛苦

EN: Ohhh...
ZH: 哦 … …

EN: Tired of the Strain and the Pain
ZH: 厌倦了紧张和痛苦

EN: Ohhh...
ZH: 哦 … …

EN: Tired of the Strain and the Pain
ZH: 厌倦了紧张和痛苦