2Pac - Pac's Theme (Interlude) lyrics (Chinese translation). | PAC'S THEME
, [Statements variously said throughout song.]
, I was raised in this society so...
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2Pac - Pac's Theme (Interlude) (Chinese translation) lyrics

ZH: 政府帐目委员会的主题

EN: [Statements variously said throughout song.]
ZH: [发言不同程度地整个歌说]。

EN: I was raised in this society so there's no way
ZH: 所以有没有办法,我从小在这个社会中

EN: you can expect me to be a perfect person cuz I'm a do what I'm a do.
ZH: 你可以指望我要我做什么我一完美的人因为做。

EN: (I am still thirsty) - Arrested Development
ZH: (我仍渴)-被捕的发展

EN: (There is absolutly no reason for a record like this to be published.
ZH: (有当然没有理由像这样的记录将出版。

EN: It has no place in our society.) - Dan Quayle
ZH: 它不能有在我们的社会中)。-丹奎尔

EN: (They gotta understand me)
ZH: (他们得明白我)

EN: (Withdraw on this record) - Dan Quayle
ZH: (在此记录上撤回)-奎尔丹

EN: That's how I feel I'm a do whatever I like. I am not a role model
ZH: 这是感受我做我喜欢的东西。我不是一个角色模型