2Pac - Niggaz Done Changed (feat. Richie Rich) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Holla at my nigga 2Pac
, gonna do what we do gonna stand this cause it's
, way understandable niggaz...
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2Pac - Niggaz Done Changed (feat. Richie Rich) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Holla at my nigga 2Pac
ZH: 我黑鬼 2Pac 在半空

EN: gonna do what we do gonna stand this cause it's
ZH: 这是要做什么我们要站在这一事业

EN: way understandable niggaz done change
ZH: 所做更改的方式可以理解这些黑鬼

EN: [Richie Rich]
ZH: [财神]

EN: A tiskit a taskit my calicod made of plastic niggas be makin it hard
ZH: 我 tiskit taskit 所作的塑料黑鬼我 calicod 会心动难

EN: when fuckin wit mydome in the zone niggaz be gettin peppersprad bad
ZH: 当他妈的机智 mydome 区默默将得到 peppersprad 坏

EN: trick'in wit all the boys done got that heffa laid down and it hurts
ZH: 所有的男孩都做了规定,heffa 和它的 trick'in 机智痛

EN: cause dont nothin change it's all the same thats why I come real cause
ZH: 因为没有什么变化这是都是一样这就是为什么我来的真正原因

EN: I'm so heavy off in this game I been there done taught that niggaz
ZH: 我太重了在这场比赛我一直那里做教那黑鬼

EN: screamin got dat standin here wit nothin but a handfulla game and belive
ZH: 疲惫了站在这里的机智不过 handfulla 游戏和相信的 dat

EN: he bought that cause here the game is to be sold not told aint no
ZH: 他买了原因在这里游戏是将被卖不说不是没有

EN: newjack nigga just gonna jump in so bitch ride on gold, un uh nigga
ZH: newjack 黑鬼只打算跳到所以贱人骑上黄金,联合国呃黑鬼

EN: gotta make some moves, nigga gotta pay some due's see what it feel like
ZH: 得做一些动作,黑鬼得付一些适当的看看是什么感觉

EN: to lose 200 bundles 400 bundles fuck it a G, marchin good shots find out
ZH: 失去 200 包 400 包操它 G marchin 好的投篮机会找出

EN: you really aint got no D, you's amaginin shit and havin $money$ punk is
ZH: 你不是真的没有 D、 你的 amaginin 屎和带你去狂欢 $money$ 朋克是

EN: real dont be the 1st to get checked nigga betta retrospect.
ZH: 真正别 1 号去签黑鬼拥的回顾。

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: No more regular rappin dare me to cap um and watch me blast these niggas
ZH: 没有更多的定期前骂你敢我盖恩看我炸这些黑鬼

EN: be acttin but a simple fact playa I'm a man I lash on my enenmies with
ZH: acttin 但我是个男人我睫毛膏与我 enenmies 简单的事实普拉亚

EN: multiple sinnerys forcin my addvasaries to bleed when they seein my
ZH: 多个 sinnerys forcin 我的 addvasaries 要流血时他们怨恨我

EN: though east coast born I'm west coast raised and I'm addicted the clip
ZH: 虽然东海岸出生我提出的西海岸也上瘾剪辑

EN: thats why they deadrow slad father forgive me for thug livin I'm through
ZH: 这就是为什么他们 deadrow 斯拉吉父亲原谅我生存的恶棍,我是通过

EN: with this drug dealin I'll leave it to Clinton and all the niggaz that
ZH: 与此药物盘点我把它交给克林顿和所有这些黑鬼那

EN: love prison brothers be ballin bitch if you need me call I'll open fire
ZH: 爱监狱兄弟将对质婊子如果你需要我打电话我会打开火

EN: on mutha fuckaz and murder um all me mista Makaveli bust um bust um fuck
ZH: 关于人像 fuckaz 和谋杀 um 所有我大叔 * 破产 um 胸围 um 他妈的

EN: what they tell me I'm makin these muthafuckaz hop on they toes like
ZH: 他们告诉我我做这张专集这些 muthafuckaz 跳上他们脚趾像

EN: Calvin Bally I've been shot and murdered cant tell you how it happened
ZH: 卡尔文 Bally 我射击和谋杀了能不能告诉你这是怎么发生

EN: word for word but best believe that niggaz gonna get what they deserve
ZH: 一字,但最好相信那黑鬼会得到他们应得的

EN: in the same way good bless my brain cause game pays gettin cash and as
ZH: 在相同的方式好保佑我能拿到现金的大脑原因游戏自付和作为

EN: for dayz now niggaz done changed
ZH: 对于 dayz 现在黑鬼所做更改

EN: chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: [Richie Rich]
ZH: [财神]

EN: Call on the real niggaz when it's time to bring the heat suburban
ZH: 它是时候把热郊区时,调用真正的黑鬼

EN: swervin hells are deep in seat cheat cause it'll be clean when we sweep
ZH: swervin 地狱是深藏于座位作弊因为这都是干净的时候我们扫

EN: lets duff these niggaz and hit they ass in their sleep blow their chest
ZH: 让这些黑鬼的达芙和打他们屁股在睡梦中的吹其胸部

EN: up cause they hate'in and segragatin niggaz crossin lanes it's time to
ZH: 因为他们 hate'in 和 segragatin 的黑鬼 crossin 车道是时间

EN: blow your brains before I shot this nigga I heard him scream 1 love 15
ZH: 把你脑袋拍的这个黑鬼之前我听到他尖叫 1 爱 15

EN: in the clip I only used 1 slug for him.
ZH: 在剪辑中我仅用于 1 蛞蝓他。

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Hey now picture me rollin Biggie Smalls got his eye swollen my hand on
ZH: 嘿现在图片罗林天王的我是他的眼睛肿我的手上

EN: my nuttz I givez a fuck I'm-a die holdin makin these hoes pause while
ZH: 我 nuttz 我 givez 我是谁-发出隆隆声不断映入眼帘这些模具锄头暂停时

EN: sceemin on no draws no money involved kinda pussy, digits,& alcohol.
ZH: no sceemin 绘制没有钱涉及有点娘娘腔,位数,& 酒精。

EN: Picture me rollin horny hoes get the hoes dug I might show em thug
ZH: 我罗林角质锄头把锄头挖了我的图片可能会显示 em 暴徒

EN: passion but I'll never show em love cant hit me in combat relentless
ZH: 激情,但永远不会显示 em 爱不能打我在不懈的战斗中

EN: when we ride stratigiz on my ememies and plot until they die ask me why
ZH: 当我们骑 stratigiz 我的 ememies 和情节,直到他们死问我为什么

EN: I'm high and my replie till the day I die dont wanna picture this cold
ZH: 高,直到我死的那一天我 replie 不想要这个冷的图片

EN: world through sobber eyes thugz dont die we multiply connect with the
ZH: 世界通过 sobber 眼睛 thugz 不死我们与正片叠底连接

EN: sperit of fallin homies and bustaz then we rise we surprise niggaz when
ZH: sperit 的堕落的家人和 bustaz 然后我们我们惊喜的黑鬼的崛起时

EN: they seen us they duck down different from what they anticipated we aim
ZH: 他们见到我们他们的鸭绒从他们预期我们的目标是不同

EN: and bust rounds fuckin clowns still watchin clips of I get around,
ZH: 胸围轮心小丑还在看剪辑的我绕过,

EN: snarrin like a bitch when I beat um down niggaz done changed.
ZH: snarrin 像个婊子当我嗯压低了这些黑鬼做改变。

EN: chorus:
ZH: 合唱: