2Pac - My Closest Roaddogz lyrics (Chinese translation). | Me and my closest road dogz
, To my dog named Musolini, Big Syke, Thug Life baby
, The return of the...
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2Pac - My Closest Roaddogz (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Me and my closest road dogz
ZH: 我和我的真心

EN: To my dog named Musolini, Big Syke, Thug Life baby
ZH: 对我的狗名叫暴徒生活宝贝大 Syke Musolini

EN: The return of the mashers, you know how we do it
ZH: 返回的囚犯,你知道我们是怎么

EN: Hahaha!
ZH: 哈哈哈 !

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Shit half the times we flaunt cause trouble
ZH: 妈的我们炫耀会惹麻烦的倍半

EN: My closest road dog it was cool cause I love you
ZH: 这是很酷的原因我最近的路狗我爱你

EN: Fuck what they talkin bout
ZH: 操什么无息

EN: Let me take you back in time, rewind to eighty-nine
ZH: 让我把你带回到时间、 倒带到八十九位

EN: Introduced me to this life of crime, but we was blind
ZH: 给我介绍了这种生活的犯罪,但我们是盲人

EN: Little nappy-haired juveniles, livin wild
ZH: 小小的尿布头发的少年,野生生活

EN: No smiles on our faces, thirteen catchin cases
ZH: 在我们的脸,catchin 的十三个案件上没有微笑

EN: Indeed, it was misery
ZH: 事实上,这是苦难

EN: Driven by my own demons, cause they was killin me
ZH: 我自己的魔鬼,他们是林我的事业由驱动

EN: How can I be sure I'll be saved soon?
ZH: 怎么能肯定很快就会得救?

EN: Catch me dip into the light, of a stray moon
ZH: 抓住我浸进光的流浪的月亮

EN: It's gettin deeper now, let me get yo' mind right
ZH: 它现在越来越深,让我看哟 ' 正心态

EN: Fuck yo' enemies, nigga grip yo' nine tight, tonight's the night
ZH: 操哟 '的敌人,黑鬼握哟' 九是紧,今晚的夜

EN: Murder murder Mr. Lucifer
ZH: 谋杀谋杀先生路西法

EN: Pictures of the devil DUCK when he shoot at cha, it's all political
ZH: 魔鬼鸭时他开枪茶的图片,它是所有政治

EN: Runnin from the future, escapin in the fog
ZH: 前进,从未来来的 escapin 在雾中

EN: Live yo' life like a hog nigga, me and my closest road dogz
ZH: 活哟 ' 生活就像一个猪黑鬼,我和我的真心

EN: [Chorus: sung]
ZH: [合唱: 唱]

EN: Every ghetto street got a crosswalk
ZH: 每个贫民区街头有了人行横道

EN: Let me get to the other side with my road dogz
ZH: 让我去用我天际的另一边

EN: All roam in the scary place called home
ZH: 所有在可怕的地方叫做家漫游

EN: Take a second victim and if they all gone, my closest road dogz
ZH: 采取第二个受害者,如果他们都走了,我真心

EN: Every ghetto street got a stop sign
ZH: 每个贫民区街头有停车标志

EN: Can I trust in you my road dogz on mine?
ZH: 我能相信你在我天际?

EN: Even when I'm goin through hard times
ZH: 甚至当我我走渡过困难的时刻

EN: I still got my closest road dogz lookin out for all mine
ZH: 我还得找我的全部我真心

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Haha.. bring artillery and ROLL with a nigga
ZH: 哈哈...带火炮和卷黑鬼

EN: They could never take the soul of a M.O.B. soldier nigga
ZH: 他们永远不能 M.O.B.战士黑鬼的灵魂

EN: Cowards get rolled up, mob on 'em Makaveli
ZH: 懦夫得到卷起,暴民上他们 *

EN: Boy youse a boss player, that's what all the bitches tell me
ZH: 男孩你们老板球员,那就是所有的婊子告诉我

EN: Even if I died now
ZH: 即使我现在死

EN: I live my life eternally and never lie down, why cry now?
ZH: 我永恒地过我的生活和永远躺在地上,现在为什么哭吗?

EN: Fooled a few but never 'came a gamer, ain't tryin to hear it
ZH: 但从来没有骗了几个 ' 来了一个游戏玩家,不是试着听听

EN: Evil spirits hide at total strangers, yo' life's in danger
ZH: 邪恶的灵魂隐藏在陌生人,哟 ' 有生命危险

EN: Prepare nigga be aware, cause we ain't scared
ZH: 准备黑鬼会意识到,我们不会害怕的原因

EN: M.O.B., 'til I die, when we ride niggaz disappear
ZH: M.O.B.,直到死去,当我们骑着黑鬼消失

EN: Fill 'em up with pistol smoke
ZH: 他们充满烟气手枪

EN: Never forget to blow a hole in his head
ZH: 永远不会忘记,在他的头打个洞

EN: for leakin information to the feds
ZH: 为信息到联邦调查局的裂缝中滴漏

EN: The burnin bed was the tellin sign
ZH: 燃烧的床是 tellin 标志

EN: Two hired guns bustin everyone, yellin everybody die
ZH: 每个人,每个人都叫喊的胸前的两个雇佣枪手死

EN: Why the fuck they fuck around, we left 'em in the fog
ZH: 为什么他们乱搞他妈的,我们把东西放在雾中

EN: bleedin like a stuck hog, me and my closest road dogz
ZH: 像被卡住的猪、 我和我最亲密的天际上演

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Fuck they feelings, that's what they get for squealin
ZH: 操他们的感情,那是他们所得到的 squealin

EN: That's the pressures of a gangsta, dangerous this drug dealin
ZH: 这就是压力的一个强盗,危险此药物盘点

EN: See me in physical form, my niggaz swarm
ZH: 看到我以物理形式,我的黑鬼群

EN: Take the figure of a circle beatin jealous niggaz 'til they purple
ZH: 采取让那直到他们嫉妒黑鬼圆的图紫色

EN: Simon Says take they heads homies
ZH: 西蒙说带他们领导的家人

EN: and send them phony motherfuckers to dwell with all they dead homies
ZH: 并将它们发送假的混蛋,住在一起他们的死

EN: Fishin for fake niggaz, observe and shake niggaz
ZH: 打捞工具为万丈,观察和动摇的黑鬼

EN: The only way to see six figures, is break niggaz
ZH: 查看六个数字的唯一方法是断裂的黑鬼

EN: Me and Musolini set to ride we high
ZH: 我和 Musolini 设置为骑我们高

EN: Big Bogart got the alibi if homicide ask us way
ZH: 大保加有不在场证明杀人问我们的方式

EN: Labelled a Capo in the mob as big as the globe
ZH: 标签在黑帮中的一个投诉警察课和地球一样大

EN: To live and die as a millionaire, on ..
ZH: 作为一位百万富翁,死在地生活..

EN: Set to explode, my M.O., is kill them hoes
ZH: 设置要爆炸,我的手法,是杀了他们锄头

EN: My pistol's like a disease, my enemies and foes
ZH: 我的手枪像是我的敌人和敌人的疾病

EN: Get murdered and disposed of, we in the fog
ZH: 获取被谋杀和处置的我们在雾中

EN: Makaveli the Don, and my closest road dogz
ZH: * 唐和我最亲密的天际

EN: [Chorus - 2X]
ZH: [合唱-2 X]