2Pac - M.O.B. lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus 2X: 2Pac]
, M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
, and you know we keep it money over...
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2Pac - M.O.B. (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus 2X: 2Pac]
ZH: [合唱 2 X: 2Pac]

EN: M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
ZH: M.O.B.,黑鬼因为我们暴民对你的技巧

EN: and you know we keep it money over bitches
ZH: 你知道我们保持它的钱超过婊子

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Thugs known to bust on sight
ZH: 暴徒已知来闹的视线

EN: God bless my crazy life la vida loca homie livin that thug life
ZH: 上帝保佑生活那恶棍生活我疯狂的生活 la vida 失水老乡

EN: Been raised in violence homicide's my lullaby
ZH: 已提出在暴力杀人的我的催眠曲

EN: Came with the homies and learned to kick it until we die
ZH: 来了与新闻记者和学会了踢它,直到我们死

EN: Boss players you wonder why
ZH: 老板球员你想知道为什么

EN: I live the life of a ghetto kingpin, just let me ride
ZH: 我的犹太区金霸王生活,只是让我骑

EN: Bitches and niggaz in penitentary suits
ZH: 婊子爱与痛的边缘

EN: I send 'em letters and money orders and make 'em my troops
ZH: 我寄的信件和钱订单,让他们我的军队

EN: As for you females, I got no time, I gotta get mine
ZH: 你的女性,我没有时间,我要你对我

EN: You cannot blind me addicted to a life of crime
ZH: 你不能盲目的我沉迷于犯罪生活

EN: My time as shorty was full of car chases
ZH: 我作为甜蜜蜜的时间是充分的追车

EN: While runnin with John Gotti's and Scarface's
ZH: 同时与约翰 · 戈蒂和疤面煞星的世

EN: Niggas knew, I'd be the Don in my own crew
ZH: 黑鬼知道我自己的船员将唐

EN: A million niggaz with automatics who swarm through
ZH: 100 万黑鬼与通过群的自动化

EN: You wonder who shot me here's a clue, stay alert
ZH: 你想知道是谁射我这里是一条线索,保持警觉

EN: Cause we comin' for you, and keep it money over bitches
ZH: 导致我们来就是为了你,并使其保持在母狗的钱

EN: [Chorus] w/ ad libs
ZH: [合唱] 带即兴

EN: [Fatal]
ZH: [致命]

EN: I blow you up on the spot, these glocks hot 'til you drop
ZH: 我炸了你在现场,这些格洛克热直到你放弃

EN: All you wannabe cops, you don't wanna see shots
ZH: 所有你的崇拜警察,你不想看到镜头

EN: I beef deep with the police peep what these streets do to me
ZH: 我深带警察窥视的牛肉这些街道上对我做什么

EN: Actin all new to me I creep on you like puberty
ZH: 肌动蛋白对我所有的新我爬上你像青春期

EN: You don't wanna see the bad image of this scrimmage
ZH: 你不想看到此混战的坏形象

EN: From here to East Greenwich through every state with a sentence
ZH: 从这里到东格林威治通过每个国家一个句子

EN: Frozen weight in the cooter, ten plates to soup ya
ZH: 冷冻的重量的库特,十个盘子,汤震遐

EN: 1 2's we oughta cruise right by the state troopers
ZH: 1 2 的我们应该由州警邮轮右

EN: When I'm drinkin Cristal, start thinkin 'bout Al
ZH: 当我我喝酒水晶时,开始思考 ' bout Al

EN: Bacardi coverin my body at the wink and a smile
ZH: 百加得封面我的身体在传情动漫和一个微笑

EN: Bag a hottie or two, cause butter shotties for you
ZH: 袋辣妹或两个,给你造成黄油 shotties

EN: I got more bodies than Drew, I drink (Minoti Anu?), fuck your crew
ZH: 我有更多的尸体比德鲁,喝酒 (Minoti 澳大利亚国立大学?),操你的船员

EN: This type of shit I do for a petty hobby
ZH: 这种类型的我做为一个小小的爱好

EN: Fuck the world it's Fatal dog against everybody
ZH: 操是针对每个人的致命狗的世界

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Mopreme]
ZH: [] Mopreme

EN: My shit's phenomenal, droppin like domino
ZH: 我的东西是惊人的像多米诺骨牌弹夹

EN: Comin with the real yo and fuck what you feel yo
ZH: 进与真正的哟操和你有什么感觉哟

EN: This is not for all the freaks in short skirts
ZH: 这不是所有的变态短裙子

EN: This is for my niggaz nationwide doin work, get your feelings hurt
ZH: 这是为我一点钟,得到你的感情伤害

EN: Lose mo' faith than a composure, money and the doja
ZH: 失去 mo' 信心比镇静、 金钱和 doja

EN: Bitches is a cobra with deadly venom
ZH: 母狗是与致命毒液的眼镜蛇

EN: Move as smooth as I get 'em, stackin G's
ZH: 移动我就帮他们,stackin G 的如顺利

EN: My niggas crosstown got ki's
ZH: 我的黑人车前有淇的

EN: Hoes get diseased and fleas, for these enemies money over bitches
ZH: 有病的锄头 get 和跳蚤,遍这些敌人钱

EN: (Nigga!)
ZH: (黑鬼!)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Big Syke]
ZH: [大 Syke]

EN: I'm hittin sixteen switches, my money over bitches
ZH: 我是星座十六个开关,我的钱超过婊子

EN: The struggle continues I'll miss you on my road to riches
ZH: 斗争继续我会想念你上我致富之道

EN: I'm contribed to strive never laggin
ZH: 我有要遮掩

EN: Disappear in the night with my 64 dragon, rag flaggin
ZH: 在夜与我 64 的龙消失、 抹布 flaggin

EN: As I get 'em up and leave 'em stuck
ZH: 当我得到他们起身离开他们被困

EN: Pager blowin up but I don't give a fuck
ZH: 寻呼机亲吻著,但不是给他妈

EN: I'm fully stocked on the block, pockets full of rocks sellin
ZH: 我完全被投放上的块岩石塞的满满一口袋

EN: Loc'ers and smokers engaged twenty-fo'/seven
ZH: Loc'ers 和吸烟者从事二十-火炭 ' / 7

EN: So what can you do for me and what can I do for you
ZH: 所以可以你为我做什么,我可以为你做什么

EN: But stay true, and do the things that we do
ZH: 但留为 true,并做我们做的事情

EN: Blinded evil-minded no option for my offspring
ZH: 蒙蔽心术不正无我的后代的选择

EN: Reminded can't find it complications what the future brings
ZH: 提醒不能找到它什么未来带来的并发症

EN: Losin my mind why you sweatin me all the time
ZH: 为什么失去了我的心灵你 sweatin 我所有的时间

EN: I'm caught in a bind, quality time on my grind
ZH: 我陷入困境,质量上我磨的时间

EN: Rather be lonely honey and dodge you like snitches
ZH: 宁可孤独蜂蜜,道奇你像告密者

EN: I'm 'bout my riches, money over bitches
ZH: 我是 ' 怎么样我的财富,在母狗的钱

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [E.D.I.]
ZH: [E.D.I.]

EN: That's from the time a nigga close his eyes I'm hopin, I hope he awoken
ZH: 这是从一个黑鬼闭上的眼睛我很感触,我希望他醒来的时候

EN: Payin my own that's tokin chokin off-a glocks smokin
ZH: 为了支付我自己那是东金排烟,chokin — — 一支格洛克手枪

EN: Money and power watch these bitches cause they skanless
ZH: 金钱和权力观看这些婊子导致他们 skanless

EN: Gettin niggaz fucked 'n stuck from Timbuk' to Los Angeles
ZH: 亡命之徒,黑鬼操 ' n 困从 Timbuk' 到洛杉矶

EN: Ain't a nigga ruggeder than this grimy Heine' guzzler
ZH: 不是黑鬼 ruggeder 比这个肮脏 Heine' 醉鬼

EN: Cowards better duck before my calibers start rubbin ya
ZH: 懦夫更好鸭之前我口径开始热腾腾震遐

EN: Me and my troops play blocks in groups, runnin in flocks
ZH: 我和我的部队在群体,到头来在羊群中发挥块

EN: Deuce-deuce in my socks keepin a watch out for cops
ZH: 宙斯宙斯在我允许的手表区的警察的袜子

EN: Gettin kicked, I keep my mind on my riches
ZH: 无奈,我的财富在保持我心中

EN: While uncontrolled schemes keep me choosin my money over all my bitches
ZH: 虽然不受控制地的计划让我过去我所有的婊子聚升我的钱

EN: [Chorus] - 2X
ZH: [合唱]-2 X

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: That's right nigga
ZH: 这就是右黑鬼

EN: Money over motherfuckin bitches
ZH: 如愿

EN: M.O.B. on 'em nigga
ZH: M.O.B.上他们黑鬼

EN: Keep your motherfuckin mind on your money, fuck these hoes
ZH: 你他妈的专注于你的钱,他妈的这些锄头

EN: (Thug life baby) You don't need no motherfuckin bitches
ZH: (暴徒的生活宝宝)你不需要没有他妈的婊子

EN: You need some motherfuckin money
ZH: 你需要一些他妈的钱

EN: Get your mind right nigga, keep your game tight
ZH: 右黑鬼,你记住,让你的游戏紧

EN: Play right play by the rules and you'll get paid fuck the fools
ZH: 播放正确播放由规则和付给你妈的傻瓜

EN: We up out of this bitch here
ZH: 在这里我们把这贱人

EN: [E.D.I.]
ZH: [E.D.I.]