2Pac - If My Homie Calls lyrics (Chinese translation). | Ever since you was a pee-wee, down by my knee with a wee-wee
, We been coochie-coo all through...
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2Pac - If My Homie Calls (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Ever since you was a pee-wee, down by my knee with a wee-wee
ZH: 自从你是小便黄,下来由我的膝盖与嘘嘘

EN: We been coochie-coo all through school, you and me G
ZH: 我们已领会-首席运营官学校,你和我 G

EN: Back in the days we played practical jokes on
ZH: 想当年我们演奏的实用的笑话

EN: everybody smoked with they locs and the yolks on
ZH: 每个人都熏与他们 locs 和蛋黄上

EN: All through high school, girls by the dozens
ZH: 所有通过高中,由数十名女孩

EN: Saying we cousins, knowing that we wasn't
ZH: 说我们表兄弟,知道我们不

EN: But like the old saying goes
ZH: 但像老古语有云

EN: Times goes on, and everybody grows
ZH: 时间的流逝,和每个人都成长

EN: Grew apart, had to part, went our own ways
ZH: 分开,就分了,去了我们自己的方式

EN: You chose the dope gaaaane, my microphone pays
ZH: 您选择了毒品 gaaaane,我的麦克风用者自付

EN: In many ways we were paid in the old days
ZH: 在很多方面我们是支付在旧天

EN: So far away from the crazies with AK's
ZH: 到目前为止从与 AK 的疯子

EN: And though I been around clowning with the Underground
ZH: 虽然我被周围小丑与地下

EN: I'm still down with my homies from the hometown
ZH: 我仍和老友从家乡

EN: And if you need, need anything at all
ZH: 如果您需要,在所有需要什么

EN: I drop it all for y'all, if my homies call
ZH: 如果老友打电话给我就把它所有的你们,

EN: [Verse Two:]
ZH: [诗歌两个:]

EN: It's a shame, you chose the dope game
ZH: 遗憾的是,你选择了毒品游戏

EN: Now you slang cane on the streets with no name
ZH: 现在你俚语甘蔗上没有名称的街道上

EN: It was plain that your aim was mo' cane
ZH: 很明显你的目的是 mo' 甘蔗

EN: You got game now you run with no shame
ZH: 你有游戏现在您在运行不丢人

EN: I chose rappin tracks to make stacks
ZH: 我选择了前骂你轨道,使堆栈

EN: In fact I travel the map with raps that spray cats
ZH: 事实上我旅行喷雾猫的斥责与地图

EN: But now I don't wanna down my homie
ZH: 但现在我不想下来我老乡

EN: No matter how low you go you're not lowly
ZH: 无论多么低你去你不卑微

EN: And I, hear that you made a few enemies
ZH: 而且,听说你犯了几个敌人

EN: But when you need a friend you can depend on me, call
ZH: 但当你需要时你可以依靠我的一个朋友叫

EN: If you need my assistance there'll be no resistance
ZH: 如果你需要我的帮助会有没有抵抗

EN: I'll be there in an instant
ZH: 会在瞬间

EN: Who am I to judge another brother, only on his cover
ZH: 我来判断另一个哥哥,只在他的封面上是谁

EN: I'd be no different than the other
ZH: 我会比其他没有什么不同

EN: H-to-the-O-to-the-M-to-the-I-to-the-E
ZH: H-to-the-O-to-the-M-to-the-I-to-the-E

EN: I'm down to the E-N-D
ZH: 我是到 E-N-D

EN: Cause it's a fall in no time at all
ZH: 它根本没有时间下降的原因

EN: I'm down for y'all, when my homies call
ZH: 我对你们,老友打电话的时候

EN: Word, if my homies call
ZH: Word,如果老友打电话给

EN: [Verse Three:]
ZH: [诗歌三:]

EN: Well it's ninety-one and I'm living kinda swell now
ZH: 哦它是九十一个和现在住有点膨胀

EN: But I hear that you're going through some hell pal
ZH: 但我听说你就要通过一些地狱 pal

EN: But life making records ain't easy
ZH: 但使记录生活不容易

EN: It ain't what I expected it's hectic it's sleazy
ZH: 这不是我预期它是繁忙是单薄

EN: But I guess that the streets is harder
ZH: 但我想在大街上都更难

EN: Trying to survive in the life of a young godfather
ZH: 想要生存生活的一个年轻的教父

EN: My homies is making it elsewhere
ZH: 老友使它在其他地方

EN: Striving, working nine to five with no health care
ZH: 努力工作与没有保健 4:51 上午

EN: We both had dreams of being great
ZH: 我们都曾梦想的很好

EN: But his deferred, and blurred and changed in shaped
ZH: 但他推迟、 模糊及在形状改变了

EN: It's fate, it wasn't my choice to make
ZH: 它的命运,这不是我的选择

EN: To be great, I'm giving it all it takes
ZH: 要很大,我给它只需要

EN: Trying to shake, the crates and fakes and snakes
ZH: 试图动摇,板条箱和假货和蛇

EN: I gotta take, my place or fall from grace
ZH: 我得接替我的位置或从雍容落

EN: The foolish way, the pace is quick and great
ZH: 愚蠢的方式,速度是快速和伟大

EN: Smiling face, to hide the trace of hate
ZH: 微笑的脸,以隐藏仇恨的跟踪

EN: But my homie would never do me wrong
ZH: 但我老乡会永远做我错了

EN: That's why I wrote this song, if you ever need me it's on
ZH: 这就是为什么我写了这首歌,如果你需要我就

EN: No matter who the foe they must fall
ZH: 不管是谁的敌人他们必须下降

EN: Us against them all I'm down to brawl if my homies call
ZH: 我们对他们所有我下来要争吵如果老友打电话给