2Pac - Hold Ya Head lyrics (Chinese translation). | [prison in the background while 'Pac speaks]
, Yo Jackson! (8231549)
, Yes (?), come on down
, Hold...
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2Pac - Hold Ya Head (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [prison in the background while 'Pac speaks]
ZH: [监狱中同时背景 ' Pac 讲话]

EN: Yo Jackson! (8231549)
ZH: 哟杰克逊 !() 8231549

EN: Yes (?), come on down
ZH: 是 (?),快点下来

EN: Hold the doors - let's go!
ZH: 顶着这门-我们去 !

EN: 8599 (?) close it tight
ZH: 8599 (?) 关闭紧

EN: Lock it down
ZH: 锁定它

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: My homeboys in Clinton and Rikers Island
ZH: 我家乡在克林顿和监狱中的伙伴

EN: All the penitentiaries
ZH: 所有监狱

EN: Mumia, Mutulu, Geronimo, Sekon
ZH: 蛹,Mutulu,Geronimo Sekon

EN: All the political prisoners
ZH: 所有的政治犯

EN: San Quentin (Can you see him? I see him).. all the jailhouses
ZH: 圣昆丁 (你可以看到他吗?我看见他)...所有说牢房

EN: I'm alive!
ZH: 我还活着 !

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Yeah
ZH: 是

EN: One thug, one thug (How do we keep the music playing)
ZH: 一个恶棍,一个恶棍 (我们如何保持播放的音乐)

EN: You're listenin to the sounds of one, thuuug
ZH: 你要听的是一个,thuuug 离去

EN: One thug, one thug (How do we get ahead)
ZH: 一个恶棍,一个恶棍 (我们怎么向前)

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: I wake up early in the mornin, mindstate so military
ZH: 早在清晨,mindstate 所以军事醒来

EN: Suckers fantasizin pictures of a young brother buried
ZH: 吸盘 fantasizin 埋年轻兄弟的图片

EN: Was it me, the weed, or this life I lead
ZH: 它是我、 杂草或我过的生活吗

EN: If daytime is for suckers then tonight we bleed
ZH: 如果白天是为了骗人钱财然后今晚我们会流血

EN: Out for all that, knowin that this world bring drawbacks
ZH: 外面的一切,知道这个世界带来弊端

EN: Look how this shit bump once I deliver these raw raps
ZH: 看看该怎么磕碰一旦我送这些原始区域行动方案

EN: Meet me at the cemetery dressed in black
ZH: 见我穿着黑色的公墓

EN: Tonight we, honor the dead, those who won't be back
ZH: 今晚我们,尊重死者,那些人不会再回来

EN: So if I die, do the same for me, shed no tears
ZH: 所以如果我死了,这样做对我来说,不流眼泪

EN: An Outlaw, thug livin in this game for years
ZH: 一个歹徒恶棍多年生活在这个游戏中

EN: Why worry, hope to God, get me high when I'm buried
ZH: 为什么担心,希望上帝保佑,让我高时我被埋

EN: Knowin deep inside only a few love me
ZH: 我知道只有几个爱内心深处

EN: Come rush me to the gates of heaven, let me picture for a while
ZH: 来催我到天堂之门,让我有一阵子的图片

EN: How I lived for my days as a child; I wonder now
ZH: 我如何住我天作为一个孩子 ;我不知道现在

EN: How do we outlast, always get cash
ZH: 我们如何做经久,总是拿现金

EN: Stay strong if we all mash, hold ya head
ZH: 坚强如果我们都捣碎,拥抱你头

EN: [Chorus: sung + 2Pac]
ZH: [合唱: 宋 + 2Pac]

EN: How do we keep the music playing (yes, you got to hold ya head)
ZH: 我们如何保持音乐玩 (是的你得拥抱你头)

EN: How do we get ahead.. (hold your head!)
ZH: 我们怎么未来...(容纳你的头!)

EN: Too many young black brothers are dying (yes, you got to hold ya head)
ZH: 太多的年轻黑人兄弟都快死了 (是的你得拥抱你头)

EN: Livin fast, too fast..
ZH: 生活快,太快...

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Hahaha, yo
ZH: 哈哈哈,哟

EN: These felonies be like prophecies beggin me to stop
ZH: 这些重罪会像预言压抑我停止

EN: Cause these lawyers gettin money everytime they knock us
ZH: 得到的钱每次这些律师他们敲我们的原因

EN: Snatchin pockets lyrically, suckers flea when they notice
ZH: 当他们注意抒情地那口袋,一毛跳蚤

EN: Switched my name to Makaveli, half the rap game closed
ZH: 我的名字改 *,封闭的一半说唱游戏

EN: Exposed foes with my hocus pocus flows they froze
ZH: 暴露敌人与我要不是他们冻结了目眩流动

EN: Now suckers idolize my, chosen blows
ZH: 现在吸盘崇拜我,选择吹

EN: And mo' money mean litigatin, mo' playa hatin
ZH: Mo' 钱平均 litigatin,mo' 海滩看不惯

EN: Got a cell at the pen for me waitin - is this my fate?
ZH: 有一个单元格,在我的笔轻轻挥动-这是我的命运吗?

EN: Miss me with that misdemeanor thinkin, me fall back?
ZH: 我没你想的思考,我回到那轻罪吗?

EN: Never that, too much tequila drinkin, we all that
ZH: 从来没有发现,太多龙舌兰酒喝酒,我们所有的

EN: Make them understand me, if not I slang my posse
ZH: 让他们了解我,如果不是我俚语我波塞

EN: Everyone with me is family, cause everybody's got me
ZH: 每个人都跟我是家庭,每个人都有我的事业

EN: Watch me paint a perfect vision, this life we livin
ZH: 看着我画完美的视觉,这种生活我们所生存

EN: got us all meetin up in prison..
ZH: 好让我们所有赴狱中...

EN: Last week I got a letter from my road dog, written in blood
ZH: 上周我收到一封信从我的路狗血写的

EN: Saying, "Please show a playa love" - hold ya head!
ZH: 说,"请显示普拉亚爱"-拥抱你头 !

EN: Hold it
ZH: 按住它

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: The weed got me tweakin in my mind, I'm thinkin..
ZH: 杂草给我 tweakin 在我心里,我想...

EN: God bless the child that can hold his own
ZH: 上帝保佑能坚守自己的孩子

EN: Indeed, enemies bleed when I hold my chrome
ZH: 事实上,敌人流血当我抱着我铬

EN: Let these words be the last to my unborn seeds
ZH: 让这些话会是最后一个到我未出世的种子

EN: Hope to raise my young nation in this world of greed
ZH: 希望提高我年轻的国家,在这个贪婪的世界

EN: Currency means nothin if you still ain't free
ZH: 货币意味着什么如果你还不是自由

EN: Money breeds jealousy, take the game from me
ZH: 钱滋生嫉妒,抢走我的游戏

EN: I hope for better days, trouble comes naturally
ZH: 我希望更好的日子是很自然的麻烦

EN: Running from authorities 'til they capture me
ZH: 当局从运行直到他们抓不住我

EN: And my, aim is to spread mo' smiles than tears
ZH: 我的目的是要传播 mo' 比眼泪的微笑

EN: Utilalize lessons learned from my childhood years
ZH: Utilalize 从我的童年经验教训

EN: Maybe Mama had it all right, rest yo' head
ZH: 也许妈妈就好了,休息了哟 ' 头

EN: Tradin converstion all night, bless the dead
ZH: 物资有限公司语料整晚,保佑死者

EN: To my homies that I used to have that no longer roll
ZH: 向老友用于有那不再卷

EN: Catch a brother at the crossroads..
ZH: 在十字路口抓哥哥...

EN: Plus nobody knows my soul, watchin time pass
ZH: 再加上没人知道我的灵魂,看着时间传递

EN: Through the glass of my drop-top Rolls, hold ya head!
ZH: 通过我敞篷劳斯莱斯的玻璃,拥抱你头 !

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [2Pac over Chorus]
ZH: [2Pac 在合唱]

EN: No matter how hard it get, feel me
ZH: 不管多难它就感觉到我

EN: Get the weed, drink a drink, read a book
ZH: 得到杂草,喝一喝,读一本书

EN: Watch the stars, get some pussy, whatever..
ZH: 看星星,得到一些猫...

EN: [Chorus repeats to fade]
ZH: [合唱重复淡]