2Pac - Guess Who's Back lyrics (Chinese translation). | Guess who's back?
, [2Pac]
, Drop the drums, here it comes, only got
, two minutes to bounce, and...
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2Pac - Guess Who's Back (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Guess who's back?
ZH: 猜猜是谁回来呢?

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Drop the drums, here it comes, only got
ZH: 放下鼓,它来了,来了,只剩

EN: two minutes to bounce, and every second counts
ZH: 两分钟后蹦蹦跳跳和每个第二的计数

EN: Better press, wreck on your tech, here we go, set pass the Moet
ZH: 更好地按下,沉船上您的技术,在这里我们去了集传递空腹

EN: My trickery's more slippery when wet
ZH: 我取巧的湿更滑

EN: Wicked as I flip, don't trip, get a grip
ZH: 邪恶如我翻转,别之旅抓

EN: It'll kick, if the bass line's thick, it's a hit
ZH: 它会踢,如果低音线的厚厚的它是命中

EN: Everybody's got a mic now, its like a hobby
ZH: 每个人都有麦克风现在,它像一种业余爱好

EN: But more like a job, cause bootleggers tryin to rob me
ZH: 但更像是一份工作,会导致违规者尽力抢我

EN: And little man wants to be a rap, star
ZH: 小男人想要说唱明星

EN: Make papes, hit skins, drive a fat car
ZH: 让大殿、 打皮肤、 脂肪开车

EN: It ain't easy, sleazy even
ZH: 它甚至不是很容易、 肮脏

EN: Deceivin those we, believe in
ZH: Deceivin 那些我们,相信在中

EN: No benefits, just tricks and chicks
ZH: 没有好处,只是技巧和小鸡

EN: Knock a pig to pick, so here's a stick to lick
ZH: 敲头猪来接,所以在这里是一根棍子来舔

EN: I shoot a gift, til there ain't none left
ZH: 拍一份礼物,直到有左不关

EN: And if I find that the track sound def
ZH: 如果找到,轨道和声音 def

EN: I catch wreck till I lose my breath
ZH: 我抓到的残骸,直到失去了我的呼吸

EN: That's how it goes in the land of broke
ZH: 这是怎么回事的打破了土地

EN: I dispose of those, rock shows, and collect my dough
ZH: 我处置那些,岩石展示,并收集我的面团

EN: Now I suppose I'm the bad guy, why?
ZH: 现在我想我是坏人,为什么呢?

EN: I say, "Hi," and try to stay high
ZH: 我说:"嗨,",并尽量保持高

EN: Life's a mess don't stress, test.. of givin
ZH: 生活一团糟不强调,测试...退化着

EN: but be thankful that you're livin.. blessed
ZH: 但应该感激你你生活...有福

EN: Guess who's back, comin back with the track supplied
ZH: 猜猜是谁回来,回来的与提供的轨道

EN: by Special Ed and Ak, comin right and exact
ZH: 通过特殊的教育署和 Ak,进右和确切

EN: I'm fightin it back, now snap, where they at?
ZH: 我是有点它背、 现在对齐,在哪里他们在吗?

EN: When it's time to go to combat, guess who's back
ZH: 当它是时间去打击,猜猜又回来了

EN: [Chorus: repeat 4X]
ZH: [合唱: 重复 4 X]

EN: "Yes I'm back" - [Special Ed]
ZH: "是的我回来了"-[特别版]

EN: "Tupac is" .. back!!
ZH: "图帕克是"...返回!!

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Drop the drums, here it comes, only got
ZH: 放下鼓,它来了,来了,只剩

EN: one minute to bounce, and every second counts
ZH: 一分钟反弹和每分每秒计数

EN: I went from hustlin dicks, to makin hits, bustin flicks
ZH: 我去从 hustlin 惹人烦,激起热烈回响,笔势的胸前

EN: Now I'm sure to be rich for ninety-six
ZH: 现在我肯定要发财为 96 个

EN: I pull my 'capes on tapes, and make, papes
ZH: 我拉我 ' 披风上的磁带,并使、 大殿

EN: Trace the bass, to the tape with the baddest bass to date
ZH: 跟踪的低音到与到目前为止最厉害低音磁带

EN: I try to shake it but the pace is hard to break
ZH: 我试着摇动它但步伐很难打破

EN: Good thoughts I wait, cause they hate my black take
ZH: 好想法我等不及,原因他们恨我黑带

EN: Yeah, it's on, and it's packed in the rap race
ZH: 是的它是在上,和它装在 rap 种族

EN: But if ya got a black face, its a rat race
ZH: 但要是你有一张黑色的脸,这是一场老鼠赛跑

EN: I struggle to be rugged and raw, Dukes
ZH: 我挣扎要坚固耐用和原料,公爵

EN: Tryin to survive in the trials and lawsuits
ZH: 尽力在审判和诉讼中生存

EN: Everybody wants to test me, WHY ME?
ZH: 每个人都想要测试我,为什么是我?

EN: No lie, nuckas cried when they try me
ZH: 不是谎言,nuckas 哭了当他们尝试我

EN: Givin up the roughness, justice
ZH: 退化着起来粗糙、 司法

EN: I'ma bust as I'm rippin up 'nuff hits
ZH: 实话破产作为我是翳 ' 足够的命中

EN: And guess who's back? No longer trapped
ZH: 和猜猜是谁回来呢?不再被困

EN: Cause I snapped on the ones that held me back, feel the contact
ZH: 原因我掐断回来,抱着我的那些感觉联系人

EN: Ride the track, get I grip as I flip
ZH: 乘坐轨道,让我抓住,我翻转

EN: Ghetto wickedness I kick, guess who's back?
ZH: 犹太人区邪恶我踢,猜猜又回来了吗?

EN: [Chorus 1.5X]
ZH: [合唱 1.5 X]

EN: "Yes I'm back, cause I never did front" - [cut 'n' scratched]
ZH: "是我回来了,我从来没有前面的原因"-[切 n 划伤]