2Pac - Fair Xchange lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro: Jazze Pha]
, Ladies and gentlemen! (And gentlemen)
, This, is a Jazze Phizzile...
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2Pac - Fair Xchange (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro: Jazze Pha]
ZH: [介绍: Jazze Pha]

EN: Ladies and gentlemen! (And gentlemen)
ZH: 女士们先生们!(和先生们)

EN: This, is a Jazze Phizzile produc-shizzle (Jazze Pha, Jazze Pha)
ZH: 这就是 Jazze Phizzile 山东大学-剧本 Jazze Pha Jazze Pha)

EN: My nizzle! (My nizzle) Ha!
ZH: 黑夜 !(黑夜)哈哈 !

EN: Outlawz! (Outlawz) 2Pac, Makaveli!
ZH: Outlawz !(Outlawz) 2Pac,* !

EN: Still breathin, yeah, woo - wooo-WHEEE!
ZH: 仍然自卑感,是的宇-女仔 WHEEE!

EN: [Verse One: 2Pac]
ZH: [诗歌之一: 2Pac]

EN: A picture of perfection, the object of a nigga affection
ZH: 一张图片的完美,黑鬼心仪的对象

EN: Partners in passionate sex, a place to put my erection
ZH: 激情性爱,一个地方把我勃起的伙伴

EN: Fantasies of you in submission, freaky positions
ZH: 在提交时,怪异的职位你的幻想

EN: Pushin permanent twistin I'm on a mission got me on the mash
ZH: 普希金我的任务就我在饲料上的永久拐弯处

EN: Tried to dig, you was screamin when I did
ZH: 试图挖,你是疲惫的时候

EN: Steady yellin out spots for me to hit, and aww shit
ZH: 稳定的叫喊出来,我命中,和 aw 屎点

EN: Soon as I seen her saw us playin hide the weiner
ZH: 很快,我见过她看见我们没法子隐藏命根

EN: Wanna "Freak Like Me," fuck Adina
ZH: 想要的"怪物像我"操阿迪纳

EN: Up and down is the object, side to side
ZH: 向上和向下是对象,一边到另一边

EN: Make you holla out my name when a thug nigga ride, can I come inside
ZH: 让你打个电话问出我的名字时的暴徒黑鬼骑,可以走进来

EN: Say you don't feel it that's a lie, you just scared to get this
ZH: 说你不觉得这是个谎言,你只是害怕把这个

EN: penitentiary dick, the trot caught your eye
ZH: 监狱迪克小跑抓到你的眼睛

EN: when I walked by, I said, "Hi"
ZH: 当我走了,我说,"你好"

EN: But you was so shy, I can't lie, damn near stuttered when you walked by
ZH: 但你是如此害羞,我不能说谎,妈的你走过时附近的断断续续

EN: You want me to lick it and even worse
ZH: 你想让我舔舔它,甚至更糟

EN: Got your heart set on me goin first, and that ain't no fair exchange
ZH: 有你的心我走第一、 设置和那不是不公平的交换

EN: [Chorus: Jazze Pha]
ZH: [合唱: Jazze Pha]

EN: You do me
ZH: 你帮我

EN: And if it's worth it baby I'll return the favor
ZH: 如果它是值得和宝贝就会以牙还牙

EN: And give it back to you
ZH: 并把它还给你

EN: A fair exchange, on everythang
ZH: 公平的交换,在 everythang 上

EN: Let me tell you that's the way it's gotta be
ZH: 让我告诉你这就是它是一定要

EN: Open your eyes baby, recognize a player
ZH: 打开宝宝的眼睛,承认一个球员

EN: Give it up to me (give it to me give it to me)
ZH: 把它交给我 (给它到我把它给我)

EN: A fair exchange, you know the game
ZH: 公平的交换,你知道游戏

EN: We can do the damn thang, thang, thang
ZH: 我们可以做该死唐卡,唐卡,唐卡

EN: [Verse Two: 2Pac]
ZH: [诗歌两个: 2Pac]

EN: Open your legs
ZH: 打开你的腿

EN: Got me watchin like it's a million, you tremble from the feelin
ZH: 叫我看像是 100 万,你从你颤抖

EN: Look up, cause I got mirrors on the ceiling
ZH: 向上看,导致我在天花板上有镜子

EN: And if you willin, then we can ride until the sun shine
ZH: 如果你 willin,然后我们可以骑直到阳光

EN: And just for fun, I betchu I can make you cum sixty-one times
ZH: 只是为了好玩,我 betchu 我可以让你暨第六十一一倍

EN: Close your eyes, let me heat it up
ZH: 闭上你的眼睛,让我热一下

EN: Cause when we fuck I refuse to bust a nut until I beat it up
ZH: 因为当我们做爱的时候我拒绝破产螺母,直到打败它

EN: Drop the top, time to fuck while the wind blow
ZH: 下降的顶部,时间虽然风力吹干

EN: Baby throw yo' legs out the window
ZH: 宝贝投掷哟 ' 窗口的腿

EN: Remember on the balcony, bend over baby bounce on me
ZH: 记得在阳台上,弯下腰来我宝宝反弹

EN: And let me hit it where it counts and flee
ZH: 让我打它它哪里计数和出逃

EN: Remember me? "I Get Around," and I'm haunted by my temptations
ZH: 还记得我吗?"我拿着"与我很困扰我的诱惑

EN: Sexual participation, my motivation
ZH: 性的参与,我的动力

EN: Even though I like the way you work it
ZH: 即使我喜欢你的工作方式

EN: You don't deserve it cause you walk around actin like you perfect
ZH: 你不值得你走路肌动蛋白像你这样完美的原因

EN: Took a while but I finally got it, and like a boss player
ZH: 花了一段时间,但我终于拿到了和喜欢老板球员

EN: Bitch you ain't doin me no favors, fair exchange
ZH: 婊子你不是在做什么,我不忙,公平交换

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse Three: 2Pac]
ZH: [诗歌三: 2Pac]

EN: Now yo' attitude ain't realistic
ZH: 现在哟 ' 的态度不是现实

EN: Yeah it's true I'm gettin pussy, but baby you gettin dick!
ZH: 是这是真的我马子,但宝贝你让老二 !

EN: And since you bein laced with the penetration
ZH: 自从你刻薄掺以渗透和

EN: It's only right to show a form of appreciation
ZH: 我们只是赞赏的要显示窗体

EN: Instead of fakin like you can't hear the bed shakin
ZH: 相反的 fakin 像你不能听到床沙金底

EN: In bed naked you so twisted think yo' legs breakin
ZH: 在床上裸体你如此扭曲觉得哟 ' 腿处裂缝

EN: You said take it so I'm blind in my passion, how long will I last?
ZH: 你说它所以我盲在我的激情,多长时间会的带我最后呢?

EN: Doggie style steady pumpin on that ass, until I blast
ZH: 老汉稳步南瓜上她的屁股,直到我轰

EN: And then I laugh as we lay back
ZH: 然后我笑我们躺

EN: See I wait 'til you asleep and that's the payback
ZH: 请参阅我等到你睡着了,这就是投资回收期

EN: Cause you actin like you did somethin, givin me a piece
ZH: 像你做点什么,退化我着一块导致你肌动蛋白

EN: I had you mufflin your screams in the sheets, fuckin with me
ZH: 我拥有了你的床单,mufflin 你的尖叫我茫茫然不知

EN: A true digger that love triggers, a thug nigga
ZH: 爱的触发器,一个恶棍黑鬼真实挖掘机

EN: Hustlin bitches like drug dealers
ZH: Hustlin 母狗像毒贩

EN: Before I say goodbye, put an end to all the games
ZH: 我说再见之前,结束所有的游戏

EN: Here's my number for another fair exchange
ZH: 这里是我的另一个公平交换的号码

EN: [Chorus - repeat 2X]
ZH: [合唱-重复 2 X]