2Pac - Everything They Owe lyrics (Chinese translation). | Imagine if we could go back
, Actually talk to the motherfuckers that persevered (hehehe)
, I mean...
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2Pac - Everything They Owe (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Imagine if we could go back
ZH: 想象一下是否我们可以回

EN: Actually talk to the motherfuckers that persevered (hehehe)
ZH: 其实跟这帮混蛋,坚持不懈 (呵呵呵)

EN: I mean the first motherfuckers that came in the slave ships
ZH: 我的意思是第一个混蛋,来在奴隶船

EN: (Hey, excuse me, excuse me) Y'know? (Look)
ZH: (嘿,原谅我,原谅我)你知道吗?(看)

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: We back for everything you owe, no longer oppressed
ZH: 我们回来为你欠的一切不再压迫

EN: cause now we overthrow those that placed us in this rotten mess
ZH: 因为现在我们推翻那些使我们处于这个腐烂的烂摊子

EN: But let's agree on strategy and pick out enemies right
ZH: 但让我们达成战略和挑选出合适的敌人

EN: Who stands accused of the abuse my own, kind do right
ZH: 谁站指责滥用的我自己,善良的做吧

EN: Pardon, not disregardin what you thinkin but you musta been the ship
ZH: 赦免,不 disregardin 你但你想到的肯定是船

EN: cause once I rip your whole shit is sinkin
ZH: 导致一旦我扯你的整个狗屎是此际高低

EN: Supreme ideology, you claim to hold
ZH: 最高的意识形态,你声称要举行

EN: Claimin that we all drug dealers with empty souls
ZH: Claimin,我们所有的毒贩用空的灵魂

EN: That used to tempt me to roll, commit to violence
ZH: 用来诱使我去卷,犯下的暴力行为

EN: In the midst of an act of war, witnesses left silent
ZH: 在一种战争行为,证人离开沉默

EN: Shatter, black talon style, thoughts I throw
ZH: 粉碎,黑爪样式,我扔的想法

EN: It remains in your brain then of course it grows
ZH: 它仍然是在你的大脑,然后当然它生长

EN: Maybe, even your babies can produce and rise
ZH: 也许,即使你的宝宝可以生产和上升

EN: Picture a life where black babies can survive past five
ZH: 图片生活黑人婴儿能过去的五个

EN: But we must have hope, quotin the reverand from the pulpit
ZH: 但我们必须有希望,从讲坛 』 雷韦朗

EN: Refuse to turn the other cheek we must defeat the evil culprit
ZH: 拒绝打开其他面颊我们必须战胜邪恶的罪魁祸首

EN: Lace me with words of destruction and I'll explode
ZH: 蕾丝我用词的毁灭性和我会爆炸

EN: but supply me with the will to survive, and watch the world grow
ZH: 但我提供的意愿,为了生存,并观看世界大变

EN: This ain't bout talkin bout problems, I bring solutions
ZH: 这可不是怎么样说话怎么样的问题,我带的解决方案

EN: Where's the restitution, stipulated through the constitution
ZH: 恢复原状,通过宪法 》 规定在什么地方?

EN: You violated, now I'm back to haunt your nights
ZH: 你违反了,现在再来纠缠你的夜晚

EN: Listen to the screams, of the lives you sacrificed
ZH: 听听尖叫声,你牺牲了的生活

EN: And in case you don't know, ghetto born black seeds still grow
ZH: 在的情况下你不知道,犹太人区出生的黑色种子仍增长

EN: We comin back, for everything you owe
ZH: 我们回来的一切你欠

EN: [Chorus: sung]
ZH: [合唱: 唱]

EN: I'm comin collectin the shit that belong to me
ZH: 我是进古籍丛书属于我的东西

EN: Motherfuckers are runnin and duckin
ZH: 王八蛋是今生只和决定

EN: I'm a crazy nigga on a mission wit a bad mentality
ZH: 我是一个疯狂黑鬼上团智慧一种坏的心态

EN: Armed with missiles guns grenades
ZH: 武装与导弹枪榴弹

EN: Pull out the pin, free I'm comin
ZH: 拔出针,免费我我进

EN: [2Pac over Chorus]
ZH: [2Pac 在合唱]

EN: How do you plead Mr. Shakur, how do you plead?
ZH: 你如何恳求舍古尔先生,你还有什么?

EN: How do I plead?
ZH: 我是如何认罪的?

EN: Yes sir, how do you plead?
ZH: 是的先生,你还有什么?

EN: Shit, you know how I plead
ZH: 妈的你知道我的认罪

EN: C'mon!!
ZH: 来吧!!

EN: Psssh
ZH: Psssh

EN: [2Pac]
ZH: [] 2Pac

EN: Not guilty on the grounds of insanity it was them or me
ZH: 他们还是我是因精神错乱而罪名不成立

EN: Bustin at my innocent family, say they lookin for ki's
ZH: 在我无辜的家人的胸前,说他们找个落脚淇的

EN: I was home alone, blind to the prelude
ZH: 我是回家独自,盲到前奏

EN: Bust in, talkin bout, "Where is the quaaludes?" What you say fool?
ZH: 在萧条中,又醉,"哪里的安眠酮?什么你说的傻瓜吗?

EN: Where in the hell is the search warrant?
ZH: 到底在哪里搜查令吗?

EN: No feedback is what he uttered, before he screamed "Nigga motherfucker"
ZH: 没有反馈就是他说之前他尖叫"黑鬼王八蛋"

EN: Dropped me to my knees I proceed to bleed
ZH: 送我到我的膝盖在我开始流血

EN: Sufferin a rain of blows to my hands and knees
ZH: 得雨吹到我的手和膝盖多么游离

EN: Will I survive, is God watchin?
ZH: 将我生存,上帝在看吗?

EN: I grab his gat and bust in self-defense, my only option, God damn
ZH: 我抓住他的 gat 和自卫,我唯一的选择,该死的胸围

EN: Now they got me goin to the county jail
ZH: 现在他们我到县里的监狱

EN: And my family can't pay this outrageous bail
ZH: 我的家人不能支付这无耻的保释金

EN: Try to offer me a deal, they told me if I squeal
ZH: 尝试我交易,他们告诉我是否我尖叫

EN: move me, and my people, to a mansion in Brazil
ZH: 移动我,和我的人民,到巴西的豪宅

EN: Not me, so this is how it ends, no friends
ZH: 不是我,所以这是它的结局,没有朋友

EN: I'll be stressed and they just, reposessed my Benz
ZH: 我会强调,他们只是 reposessed 我的奔驰

EN: Told the judge it was self-defense, he won't listen
ZH: 告诉法官是自卫,他不会听

EN: So I'm bumpin this in federal prison, givin everything I owe
ZH: 所以我是风这在联邦监狱中退化着我欠的一切

EN: [Chorus - 2X]
ZH: [合唱-2 X]