2Pac - Da Last Don lyrics (Chinese translation). | Ughhhhh.......
, Good Day America this is Mr. No Limit
, So you want to get rid of gansta rap
, but...
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2Pac - Da Last Don (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Ughhhhh.......
ZH: 呃......

EN: Good Day America this is Mr. No Limit
ZH: 好天美国这是先生无限制

EN: So you want to get rid of gansta rap
ZH: 所以你想摆脱得 rap

EN: but what if gansta rap gets rid of you
ZH: 但如果得 rap 摆脱你了

EN: how'd you like them apples
ZH: 你怎么会喜欢他们的苹果

EN: you want your kids to grow up listenin' to good american music
ZH: 你想让孩子们长大后听好美国音乐

EN: but they don't want that they want that bout it bout it shit
ZH: 但他们不想让他们想要那场比赛结束它 bout 它妈

EN: you always point the finger at the bad guy
ZH: 你总是用手指着那个坏家伙

EN: but what if the bad guy points the finger at you
ZH: 但如果坏家伙点手指着你

EN: f**k the politcians the media and the government
ZH: 变蠢 politcians 媒体和政府

EN: the f**king world was built on corruption
ZH: f * * 国王世界建立在腐败

EN: if it wasn't for people like me and my reality music
ZH: 如果不是因为像我和我的现实音乐人

EN: you couldn't pay for a meal
ZH: 你付不起一顿饭

EN: I'm tired of you f**king hustlers following me around
ZH: 我已经厌倦你 f * * 国王盗贼跟着我

EN: tapping my phone and over taxing my money
ZH: 攻我的手机和超过征税,我的钱

EN: you know what a hustler is
ZH: 你知道什么是骗子

EN: its a pig that don't fly straight
ZH: 它是一只猪不能直飞

EN: but its ok (its ok)
ZH: 但其 (其确定) 确定

EN: when you finish listening to this tape
ZH: 当你完成听听这盘磁带

EN: it'll be the last time you hear a bad guy like me
ZH: 它会将你听到我这样的坏男人的最后一次

EN: so f**k you cockaroaches sincerly the last don
ZH: 所以变蠢你 cockaroaches 真诚地最后一次不

EN: Master P The Last Don
ZH: 大师 P 最后唐

EN: [Master P]
ZH: [大师 P]

EN: I made millions from raps I couldn't die in scraps
ZH: 我在废料取得了数以百万计的斥责我不能死

EN: No Limit niggas we strapped thug niggas bust caps
ZH: 我们绑任凭没有限制黑鬼抓帽

EN: I live the life of a rider lost at heart
ZH: 生活丢失了心在车手的

EN: I played the pieces to the puzzles but they tore me apart
ZH: 我演奏的片断的谜题,但他们把我撕碎

EN: I went to jail for shit I didn't do
ZH: 去了监狱里的东西我没做

EN: niggas banged at my motherf**kin' crew
ZH: 黑鬼敲在我的 motherf * * 健 ' 乘员组

EN: we retaliated now we killers (Ughhhhhh)
ZH: 我们现在报复我们杀手 (恩)

EN: niggas slang ghetto dope cain but we drug dealers
ZH: 黑人俚语犹太区涂料该隐但我们毒贩

EN: ain't that a bitch a nigga tryin' make it
ZH: 这是不是黑鬼,试着让它一个婊子吗

EN: can't bust society but these fools tryin' take me
ZH: 不能胸围社会但这些傻瓜试带我吗

EN: they want you dead or locked up smokin' or rocked up
ZH: 他们想要你死了或被关起来冒烟或震撼了

EN: walkin' or blocked up down or cocked up
ZH: 去碰烟或堵塞了向下或向上可予分开

EN: In the bayou haters six feet deep it could be you or me
ZH: 在河口讨厌六英尺深的人可能是你或我

EN: your girl or your homey
ZH: 你女朋友或你温馨

EN: cause life has no time but keep your eyes on your enemies
ZH: 因为人生已没有时间但保持你的眼睛上你的敌人

EN: that's one that's grown from the Last Don
ZH: 这是一个长出的最后一堂

EN: he took the kiss of death so I could be The Last Don (4X)
ZH: 他花了死亡之吻,所以我可能会最后唐 (4 X)

EN: 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, My little Brother Kevin Miller
ZH: 2Pac,天王,我小弟弟凯文 · 米勒

EN: they all took the kiss of death so I could be the last don
ZH: 他们都采取了死亡之吻,所以我可能会最后唐

EN: real niggas and bitches out there feel my pain
ZH: 真正爱你和外面的母狗感觉到我的痛苦

EN: feel my pain its real out here
ZH: 这里真正的感受我的痛苦

EN: ain't no such thing as uh.. you can't change your life
ZH: 不是没有这种东西......你不能改变你的生活

EN: you can't do what you wanna do
ZH: 你不能做你想做

EN: a coward dies a million deaths but a solider only dies one
ZH: 懦夫死了 100 万人死亡,但仅有一位士兵学童死一

EN: so all ya niggas out there in the hood tryin' feed your families
ZH: 所以,所有雅黑鬼外面在敞篷试喂你们的家人

EN: get what you gotta get and get out nigga get your shit together
ZH: 让你得和黑鬼出去拿你的东西在一起

EN: and if you hustlin' hustle for a cause nigga
ZH: 如果你 hustlin' 呼为事业黑鬼

EN: don't believe in nobody but your motherf**kin' self
ZH: 不相信没人但你 motherf * * 健 ' 自我

EN: cause money's the root of all evil
ZH: 事业钱的所有罪恶的根源

EN: we done lost alot of soldiers behind them dollars
ZH: 我们已经失去了很多士兵在他们后面美元

EN: this one is grown from the last Dizon you heard me
ZH: 这一个是增长从去年 Dizon 你听到我