2Pac - A Day In The Life lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Ray Tyson]
, Postal border was makin' me mad
, So I get up in my cruiser, broke out of the pad
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2Pac - A Day In The Life (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Ray Tyson]
ZH: [雷泰森]

EN: Postal border was makin' me mad
ZH: 邮政边框是使我生气

EN: So I get up in my cruiser, broke out of the pad
ZH: 所以我在我的巡洋舰起床,打破垫

EN: Rolled to the West Side to check out my boys
ZH: 滚到西边,查阅我的孩子

EN: Twenty brothers in the park, all bringin' the noise
ZH: 在公园里,所有带噪音兄弟二十

EN: Stepped out the car, Levi's saggin'
ZH: 走出这辆车了,Levi's saggin'

EN: Gold around my neck with my limb-walk laggin'
ZH: 在我脖子上与我下肢步行 laggin' 黄金

EN: Walked up on my boys with the old E chillin'
ZH: 走过来对我的孩子一起老 E 扫射

EN: The box with the big beats and my boys started illin'
ZH: 框中与大节拍和我的孩子开始明明在身上 '

EN: A hoop game started so I jump in
ZH: 箍游戏开始所以我跳下去

EN: Had the hoods' toughest team so I just had to win
ZH: 所以我只是不得不赢了油烟机的最差的球队

EN: Diz to the outside, Tupac up the center
ZH: 到境外,图帕克了中心的丝

EN: A ten minute game and we were the winners
ZH: 十分钟的游戏,我们是的赢家

EN: The boys started smackin', talkin' that slack and
ZH: 男孩开始 smackin',谈的可宽延时间和

EN: till he see my posse and the suckers started backin'
ZH: 直到他看到我的团队和吸盘开始倒车

EN: Tried to say we cheat, because he got beat
ZH: 想说我们作弊,因为他被人打

EN: Another lightweight sucker that can handle defeat
ZH: 可以处理失败的另一个轻量级抽油

EN: People wonder why I choose to live the hype
ZH: 人们不知道我为什么选择住炒作

EN: It's not to understand, it's just a day in the life
ZH: 它是不是要理解,它是只是在生活中的一天

EN: Kick it - it's just a day in the life
ZH: 踢它-它是只是在生活中的一天

EN: [Tupac]
ZH: [图]

EN: Finally I'm on vacation and school is through
ZH: 最后我在度假和学校是通过

EN: So here I am, on Monday mornin' with nothin' to do
ZH: 所以在这里我在星期一早上 ' 里什么都没有做

EN: Tried to get outta my bed, but I can't move
ZH: 试着离开我的床,但我不能移动

EN: Ya see I'm stuck to my matress like crazy glue
ZH: 你看到了我被困到我制褥像疯了胶

EN: So there I lay, for half the day just thinkin'
ZH: 所以我躺在那里,只在想半天 '

EN: Got up to brush my teeth cause my breath started stinkin'
ZH: 要刷我的牙齿因为我的呼吸开始变得腰缠万贯

EN: But I was all alone so it wasn't no thing
ZH: 但我是独自的所以它不是没有的事

EN: Got up to take a shower and heard the phone ring
ZH: 站起来要去洗个澡,听到电话响了

EN: Picked it up, the salutations, little bit frustrations
ZH: 拾起的称呼,小小的挫折

EN: Who could be disturbin' me on my vacation?
ZH: 谁能打扰我我的假期?

EN: Speakin' on the phone in an aggravatin' tone
ZH: 说到上在 aggravatin' 的口气电话

EN: Now I know what Michael meant by leave me alone
ZH: 现在我知道迈克尔指的什么放过我

EN: So I'm askin' who is it? and the answer shocks me
ZH: 所以我问的是谁?和答案冲击我

EN: It was the voice of my homeboy Roc-T
ZH: 它就是兄弟的我中华民国-T 的声音

EN: Him and Dizzy had been waitin' for me
ZH: 他和晕眩等着我

EN: Had a show at three and now I'm late as can be
ZH: 有一个在展示三和现在我迟到了,可以是

EN: Said I have to take a shower, I'll go ahead and take it
ZH: 说我要去洗个澡,我就会去和把它

EN: If I leave within the hour, I still might make it
ZH: 如果我离开在一小时内,我仍然可能会做的

EN: I'm rollin' in a sweatsuit, wasn't tryin' to get cute
ZH: 我是不是在运动衫,不是想着要可爱

EN: Hopped on to the stage and said: "Sorry that I kept you"
ZH: 跳到舞台上,说:"对不起,让你"

EN: I started rappin', girls started clappin'
ZH: 我开始说唱,女孩开始 clappin'

EN: Couldn't wait to finish so I could start mackin'
ZH: 等不及要完成这样我就可以开始美女 '

EN: Jumped off stage, picked up the girl for the night
ZH: 跳下舞台,晚上捡到的女孩

EN: Huh, that's how I'm livin', a day in the life, come on
ZH: 哈,那是我还怎么活,一天的生活中,来吧

EN: A day in the life
ZH: 一天的生活中

EN: [Ray Tyson]
ZH: [雷泰森]

EN: Stretch white limo hits the colessium
ZH: 白色加长点击数 colessium

EN: A crowd full of people sayin: "I can't wait to see him"
ZH: 一群人满人说:"我等不及要见到他"

EN: Who is in the limo, who are they talkin' about?
ZH: 谁是豪华轿车,他们在说谁呢?

EN: Strictly Dope in the house, hear to turn the party out
ZH: 严格涂料在房子里,听到会变成党

EN: We get out the car and can barely stand
ZH: 我们下车,几乎站不稳

EN: Cause everywhere I look are screamin' fans
ZH: 原因到处是尖叫的粉丝

EN: Girls on my tip but I really don't sweat 'em
ZH: 我提示上的女孩,但真的不流汗他们

EN: They'll tear my new clothes if your bodygurad'll let 'em
ZH: 如果你的 bodygurad 就会让他们,他们会把我的新衣服

EN: Hit backstage with two minutes to spare
ZH: 后台用两分钟的空闲打

EN: Just enough time to grip a breath of fresh air
ZH: 只是足够的时间来掌握呼吸新鲜空气

EN: We hear the introduction, the audience is loud
ZH: 我们听到介绍,观众是大声

EN: I stepped out on the stage and then I moved the crowd
ZH: 我在舞台上跨步,然后我移动人群

EN: Winners all over, we tried to leave the scene
ZH: 各地的得奖者,我们想要离开现场

EN: but there's a whole crowd of people at the limousine
ZH: 但有一整群人在豪华轿车

EN: Pen and paper in my face, I couldn't be mean
ZH: 笔和纸在我的脸,我不能说

EN: So I was signin' autographs at the age of seventeen
ZH: 在十七岁所以是 signin' 的亲笔签名

EN: People wonder why I choose to live the hype
ZH: 人们不知道我为什么选择住炒作

EN: It's not hard to understand, it's just a day in the life
ZH: 不难理解,它是只是在生活中的一天

EN: Kick it - it's a day in the life
ZH: 踢它-它是在生活中的一天

EN: Kick it, kick it, kick it
ZH: 把它踢,踢它,把它踢

EN: [Tupac]
ZH: [图]

EN: Coolin' with my posse at the neighborhood disco
ZH: Coolin' 与我的团队在邻里迪斯科

EN: Talkin' to a cutie as I'm sippin' on my cisco
ZH: 说话美女如我我细品上我思科

EN: Askin' me to dance but I keep on sayin' "No"
ZH: 问我跳舞,但我一直在说 '"不"

EN: Hate to dance fast, I only like to do it slow
ZH: 讨厌跳舞快,我只想做它慢

EN: Dizzy's on the dance floor, funky, funky motion
ZH: 头晕的舞池,时髦,时髦的议案

EN: Girl keeps on sweatin' me with sexual kind of totions
ZH: 女孩一直在流汗我与 totions 性种类

EN: Roc is signin' autographs makin' girlies dizzy
ZH: 中华民国是 signin' 犯靓妹头晕的亲笔签名

EN: Crowd sweatin' Strictly Dope cause we're gettin' busy
ZH: 人群出汗严格涂料事业我们正在 ' 忙

EN: Suckers wanna battle us, we move in silence
ZH: 吸盘想要我们的战斗,我们在沉默中移动

EN: Strictly Dope is positive, we're tryin' to stop the violence
ZH: 严格涂料是积极的我们会尽力制止暴力行为

EN: Started feel tipsy, I'm lookin' for the door
ZH: 开始的感觉醉了,我在找门

EN: The Cisco had me dizzy, I stumbled to the floor
ZH: 思科公司有我头晕,我绊跌到地板

EN: And more I try to sit up, the less I seem to get up
ZH: 越是要坐起来,我似乎越不起床

EN: My stomach starts to turn and my head feels wit' up
ZH: 我的胃开始转,我觉得头机智 ' 起来

EN: The room begins to spin, I pass out for the night
ZH: 房间里开始旋转,我晚上昏倒

EN: Just another way of livin' a day in the life, kick it
ZH: 只是另一种方式的生活一天的生活中,把它踢

EN: [Ray Tyson & Tupac]
ZH: [雷泰森 & 帕克]

EN: Knew I was a genius, soon as you seen this
ZH: 知道我是个天才,只要你看过这个

EN: Avoid hoe's value, don't have to redeem this
ZH: 避免锄头的值,不需要赎回此

EN: Teenage terror, no room for error
ZH: 少女恐怖,没有错误的余地

EN: A girl start dissin', and I SCARE HER!!
ZH: 一个女孩开始 dissin',和我吓到她 !!

EN: Risin' like inflation on your favorite station
ZH: 你最喜欢站上高耸於像通货膨胀

EN: Rap is my forte and my recreation
ZH: 说唱音乐是我的专长和我娱乐

EN: Girls wanna kiss me, suckers wanna diss me
ZH: 女孩想要吻我,傻瓜要羞辱我

EN: My mother didn't want me to be, but I'ma emcee
ZH: 我的母亲不想让我做,但我要司仪

EN: The ladies desire, emcees admire
ZH: 女士们的愿望,主持人佩服

EN: That's why many hate me and call me liar
ZH: 这就是为什么很多讨厌我,给我打电话的骗子

EN: Hoods of the hype-tip, girls on the ill-trip
ZH: 油烟机的炒作-提示,病旅行上的女孩

EN: I'm through rockin' this whack, so that's it
ZH: 我是通过摇滚这嗷,那就是它

EN: I am the high type, my style is so right
ZH: 我很高的类型,我的风格是正确,

EN: It's not hard to understand, it's just a day in the life
ZH: 不难理解,它是只是在生活中的一天