220 Volt - Airborne Fighter lyrics

You fight the assault when you open your eyes
Was it black or white in the sky
You give the order, you drop behind enemy lines
The dark surrounding yourself and your men
They're not here to play games
You'll make an honest mistake, or your beyond dead

Coming down in the night
The airborne fighter

Your here on a mission sent by your land
Sent to prevent a disaster
All your men and yourself volunteered
There's no turning back
You blow up, you tear down
Brave men with a tiny eraser
Trained to kill and destroy, an airborne soldier

Coming down in the night, saving lives my goal
The airborne fighter

The airborne fighter is not afraid to lose his life
He has no relatives to cry
He's wearing a shooting gun
A result of friends who's wings have past
For he won't be allowed to wear a heroes end
A heroes end

Feel the heat when you fire with your gun
Hear the end of his cries
Destiny turns out to be cruel
God have no mercy on your soul

Coming down in the night
Saving lives is my goal
The airborne fighter