1982 - People Are Running (2010)

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1982 - People Are Running lyrics

People from other planets
Rather to live than death
I got my pain in my ..
Writing down every work the people said
I see some bitches head blown off her shoulders
By a soldier with a toast .. like bang!
And this little kid came
With a AK and a bullet proof vest
.. his little chest
He just ran up to some chick
Blew her brains out with his fame ..
Showing like an animal ..
Bodies falling from the sky
Better get your umbrella
Go and put your grandma in a bullet proof sweater
Yo, give me that cocaine
So I can sniff about 80
That’s 8 palls more than the human brains
For the …. gates man
That’s human headed
But is heaven ready for.. as killin’ his..
The epidemic I see when I .. my lenses
For pretending I might take you to
.. forgivness

People are running
Where are they going? (repeats)

Fuck if you feel me
I give a fuck about a killer
‘Cause I kill any killer
That wanna kill me.
My minds filthy
I ain’t got it all upstairs,
But I got a couple of bottles of Jim Beam
My veins pump cognac until my bones crack
Give me that coke bag, I’m ready to toe tags.
Couple people on my list can’t wait to see them
‘Cause when I’m done wit em trust me you wouldnt wanna be em.
It’s like a death museum
Come in my crib
You see bullets and burners and bodies
Babies with bibs. chronic bone crushers, bohemian bricks.
Brothers who rob banks with burners bigger than BIG.
Crazy ladies with razors and blades shavin they wig,
pigs slaughterin pigs, killers slaughterin kids.
Homie pardon my wig, Think I’m out of my brain.
If you don’t wanna be stayin’
With Satan down in the flames
Then you better stay...