17days - The Faceless One lyrics

You are the Faceless One/you live beyond, beyond the sun
You are the Immortal One/because you are all, all and none
Rip my face, mold my flesh, give me back my real eyes
Rip my flesh, mold my face, give me back my real mouth
Teach me life, Teach me death, show me how became the smiling child
I've never seen the world around us
I've always seen the cage we've built up
Though in some moments lost in time
I've touched the truth in dreams or in youth
You are the mystic hermaphrodite,
Spiked chains and sharp razors are by your side
You came to mold our flesh in a new form of life
A force unbound, a force of free will
Bring me the total absence of light
Bring me the total absence of dark
So I'll be able to see world
True colors to paint my life
Come… come…
Come… come…
Rape my soul
Provoke my inner-self
Devour my believes and violate my pride
Give me the supreme orgasm
And lead me to the utopian independence
Come… come… come…
Come… come… come…
Come… come… come…
Free me from my chains
give me the Ignorance
So I can learn again
Clean me to the bones
Kill preconceptions
I'll be the newborn child
Tell me all the lies
The rotten fortress
Smash down what we've create
Show me all the truth
There is no truth
But in the children eyes