-123 Min. - No More Day lyrics

Runnin' down the street
I have to find you right now
I get these kicks all time
I've got so much to share

I'm so happy with you, baby
'Cause you take me as I am
I hope you have forgiven
I was foolin' around

It wont repeat
I was gropin' in the dark
But I know who I am now

No more day - no more night
We will never, you and I
Tear this apart
Begin from the start
Still the end, it seems so far

No more praying - no more fights
Being tender now we might
Escape from the rain
See fruits of our strain
Finnally be free from pain

I'm so grateful when you tell me
That you don't mind
Having breakfast at two
Without a single dime

Eating jazz for dinner
Supper: blues for two
Still you dig the riffs
I'm feeding you

No more day...