-123 Min. - Hookered lyrics

This is a free choice now
Life can turn like a shakespeare play
Throw the dice & you'll watch
Out of reason, you've been fucked too long
you can hear, you may dream
It's ugly being disilluisoned
No way I'll lie
I'm so tired of suckers tellin' lies

I wanna go, I wanna play, I wanna see all that fancy now
I wanna feel so cool & nice, i wanna be it already
Don't wanna lay, i wanna say everything I feel
I wanna do to get it all O.K.

no more bad fights
Out of reason, fucked and torn away
No wish to nail them
I'll show them how

I wanna go...

So deep out of my way - no more lies
Don't you see love is all - realise

Sewin' the seeds, zed wings
Round midnight, as the light will fade
So stay alive
There's a hole in your sole we may fill

I wanna go...

So keep out...