11 - Lunar Landings lyrics

I came home and you had my shower head in pieces on the floor,
Cuz you broke it when you were pissing in the tub for no reason the night before,
And you stole my lighter which i kind of needed to light my fucking hot water heater,
Cuz you fucked with the switch for no reason you bitch, and you ruined my year you fucking whore.

Lunar landings, staph infections, saturation, imperfection,
Understanding, misdirection, copulation, interjections.

Half day bus ride with some crazy guys, who's got it?
Frustration-induced suicide, who's got it?

You take advantage of your friends, it seems, and it looks like that's your goal,
To owe everyone, be banned from everywhere, and to get drunk and lose self-control.
You mooch off all of your friends, until the ultimate end, when they kick you out, cuz all you do is shout,
I hope you get ass-raped and that you can't escape, and then you're stuck up in Boston with a bloody asshole.

You pull down your pants and put your thumb up your ass,
I don't want anymore, so stay away from my door,
I think you're nice at times but it's all just a sham,
So get away from me, and stop calling me ma'am,

I don't think you're that great, you're just a cock sucker
So take it from me, you're the friendship fucker-upper

I don't understand
No I don't understand
I don't understand
And I don't understand

I won the powerball.