ガゼット (The Gazette) - CALM ENVY lyrics

CALM ENVY ♪ the GazettE

作曲:ガゼット(the GazettE)

(I seem to sink into the sound of the falling rain.)

その約束は誰の夢で 誰の為の夢だろう
(This promise is whose dream, who is this dream for? )

「I want to see all of you.」 「I want to love all of you.」

どうかしてるね (It's this way, isn't it?)

繋ぐ手と逆(やく)のてには いつも知らない香りがしてる
(When our hands are clutched together, there is this unknown scent.)

「I want to see all of you.」 「I want to love all of you.」

(Coming from the opposite one.)

「I want to see all of you.」 「I want to love all of you.」

(Although I can breath normally, I seem to crumble eventually.)

言葉よりも深く 愛してくれるなら
(If you could love me deeper than just those words.)

目の前に居るあなただけを 信じていける
(I could believe only you standing before me.)

不意に見せた過去に 触れる度に脆(もろ)く
(In the suddenly showing past, the times we would touch.)

埋め尽くせない空白に 涙浮かべ
(Could not fill the fragile emptiness, floating on those tears.)

安らぎに甘えてても隣のあなたが私の中から 途切れそうになる
(Although I find comfort in this peace,
You, who is beside me is breaking from my inside.)

「I want to see all of you.」 「I want to love all of you.」

答えは笑みに溺れ (The answer is drowning in a smile.)

「You don't love, the everyday shadow when it was lost.」

掻き消せない程 抱えてる (We carry those bonds that I can't let disappear.)

あなたに投(な)げた言葉も 愛してくれるなら
(Even though I threw those words at you, if you could love me.)

目の前に居るあなただけを 信じていける
(I could believe only you, standing before me.)

不意に見せた過去に 触れる度に痛む
(The suddenly shown past, hurts every time you touch me.)

私のいない空白まで 愛したい
(I want to love you to my inner emptiness.)

気付かれないように 涙は拭(ぬく)うから
(Because I won't let you notice how I wipe my tears.)

この以上私の前で 笑わないで
(There is nothing else to laugh about in front of me.)

「さよなら」 を隠(かく)す二人じゃなく
(It's not the two of us, concealing this means the good bye.)

「さよなら」 に泣く二人でいたい
(How I wish it to be us together crying at this farewell.)

(More than thinking back about it, I would like you to forget.)

(And put me in this empty space.)

(Don't chase those long passed days.)

(Don't leave anything more than what's already left.)

「せめて・・・」 (At least…)

(I hold onto this good bye, as I fall asleep.)

(And the faint heat vanishes like tobacco.)

帰らない日々を 愛した人よ
(The days that won't return, the person I loved.)