Мастер (Master) - Burning In Hell lyrics

What can say you to this words:
"Watch out", "look out" at the civil war
Who will give us straight day on
Watch out your heads, do fall it’ll turn.
We’ve been burning inanendless fight
We've gone,! you've gone straight through the fire
Run in madness to the war calls
Each day, each life we fight till death
Look around and see this dance of fire.
Nations kill each other for a time.
Demon knows defenders raise the sword.
All the words of prayer we forgot.
Burning, burning, fighting at the civil war.
Messing, slaying, nightmare war!
Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare, nightmare war!
Make the dust from people, lose your rights
We saw our souls like a merchandise
We don't know how to fail from the round
Blood wars results will've done us soon!