Каира (Kaira) - Requiem lyrics

Open your eyes,
Don't be hypnotized.
They worship hell
Don't fall for these lies.
And damned was the human,
The Earth wiped them off from its face.

Rotten is soul
Of poor planet.
Coming is growl
Can't escape that net
This world has come to its end, so be prepared.

With blind eyes
Looking for safe way
Lost all its might
The planet may die.
This world is old, it is too old to survive.
Coming is time
When deadly beast rise.
The smell of blood
Predicts the war flood.
This world is small,
With its burden it's crawling too slow.

It's the last act,
The deathly fusing.
The final bar
Of planet's music
This world will never reach heaven,

It rests in the dark.