Каира (Kaira) - Hecate lyrics

It's sleepless night and moonlit winding path
Is leading me to that abandoned cave.
And there frightful is the fire:
The witches pass initiation.

Full moon prevails in the sky
Confusion's crept over my soul.
Bald-headed peak is on fire
And shadows look for any shelter.

Closer and closer is moon,
It's getting colder and colder.
I entered the Hecate's land
Protected by spirits of anger.

Hecate – the goddess of moon,
Sorceress – mistress of the night.
You darken the one who can see
And open the eyes of the blind.

Time flies, and at last I can see
The medicine for suffering soul.
I entered the Hecate's land:
Attained is the ultimate life's peak.