Šyþed Pyklez - Title Redacted lyrics

Maybe it's me maybe it's you
Waiting and wondering, perhaps
Something to hold onto as you let go.
Singing no audible sound no coherent cooperation of catastrophic cataclysmic notes
Lies an echo of an echo of a current feeling,
To lead you to find the unexpected reason for your existence.

And maybe there we'll find more than we think.
Of deathly silence and deathly death destroying my demeanor.
Synthesized into disperfection

Or this instrument broken in its purpose
Not notable to any other man or woman then thyself.
And make me want to return to an empty space
Where we're going isn't as far as we think.
In echoes and echoes of past meanings
Is meaningless and therefore is meaningful

So let this soft tune propose you recognize the lack of meaning
This anti-atomic abomination of sound
Bells, bells, bells, get out of my tears.

Only in giving up on the search can one find knowledge
These words have no purpose and that is, in fact, their purpose.
Strung together beats
You remind me of my forgotten self
And deciding to decide to fade off into a dither
Decadence, decadence, descending deeper

Rape decapitated babies!